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Storagepipe Solutions utilizes the ultimate data storage facility, incorporating state-of-the-art physical features to ensure absolute security for your data. The building is fully secure, impervious to any disasters including fire, theft, and most environmental hazards.

The centre acts as a primary North American communications hub for telecommunications carriers and data centre firms from around the globe. As an essential connection point for corporate data networks, local and long distance telephony, Internet peering, and critical data storage facilities, the facility has been designed to accommodate the highest standards of security reliability and connectivity.

This facility has full electrical redundancy, in addition to 6 stand alone power generators that can operate for seven days. Trained guards maintain security 24 hours a day, and an elaborate network of a multitude of cameras and other state-of-the-art devices provide the maximum security available today. Internal staff members monitor all Storagepipe’s backup units on a continuous basis ready to react to any condition that may be even remotely damaging to your data.

The building itself is completely dust-free, and hardware certified air conditioning units provide the ideal climatic operating conditions. High profile occupants including telcos, utilities and others have peering relationships within, meaning full redundancy to the outside world.

In summary, your data is housed and maintained in the most secure building with total redundancy, confirming that your data is always safe and available – worldwide.

Does your internal solution provide the same?

  • Mirrored UPS Generators ensuring continuous power.
  • Redundant mirror generators, ready to take over, in the event that both systems fail or are in a testing cycle
  • Mirrored hydro feeds through separate power grids terminating at separate substations
  • Data Centre Operations are simultaneously monitored 24×7 from this location.
  • Operations has a view of the centre using strategically positioned security cameras
  • 50,000 gallons of diesel fuel is stored on site in tanks, sufficient for 7 days if separated from Toronto Hydro’s service
  • Innergen, a gas-based fire suppression system is used.
  • There are fire suppression methods that prevent unnecessary equipment damage should there be a fire on site.
  • Fire Suppression Units are located throughout the entire facility.
  • Innergen Gas will be released to help extinguish a fire without damaging hardware.
  • Leibart HVAC Air Conditioning Units are mirrored out for every 2,000 sq ft of raised floor space.
  • VESDA Combustion Detection Systems supplement the air system to ensure safety.

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