Long-term Data Archiving and storage for compliance and retention, keeping data protected for weeks, months, years, or longer

  • Meet data retention for regulatory and internal requirements
  • Archive data from any backup platform or system tied to your backup services (BaaS)
  • Supports archiving of VMs (VMware, Hyper V, Nutanix)
  • Supports archiving of physical and cloud systems (AWS, Azure, iSeries, Unix)
  • Ensure data integrity with WORM (Write Once, Read Many) storage options
  • Meet compliance for SSAE 16, ISO 9001/27001, HIPAA, PIPEDA
  • Eliminate tape and internal archive management
  • Automatic archival rotation and retention for long-term assurance

Modern and Online End-to-End Data Archiving

With rapid data growth and evolving regulations, IT departments need to figure out how to best retain, discover and manage data while being compliant.

Storagepipe provides complete, end-to-end solutions for data archiving and information management to provide you with long-term retention and deep data insights – all without the headache of managing archiving in-house.

Data Archiving Services

Archiving is a Critical Business Need

Archiving Data is a perfect solution for any organization that is required to store data for an extended or unlimited amount of time. It is also ideal for companies with information compliance requirements.

  • Move inactive data off of production equipment
  • Keep point-in-time copies of important data
  • Quickly and easily retrieve archived data
  • Fully automate your archiving process
  • Extend data storage without infrastructure changes
  • Eliminate internal tape handling and tape management

Reduce Archiving Costs and Modernize While Enabling Easier Search and Data Retrieval Online

Easy Access: For organizations that must store archival data for long-term retention, it’s the ideal way to ensure that this data can be accessed or retrieved at any time.

Infrastructure: Archival data is stored in secure sites with environmental and process controls designed for the archived data and its configured retention. And unlike traditional archives, your data is viewable online, and can be retrieved at any time.

Resiliency: Eliminate any worry about media corruption, storage conditions, data retrieval, hardware obsolescence and malfunctions, media alignment issues, oxidization, and re-catalogue and sorting issues.

Long-term Archiving and Regulatory Compliance Protected from Data Disasters and Corruption

Compliance: Electronic Archiving services are ideal for companies with compliance obligations related to data preservation.

Storagepipe’s customers are in some of the most highly regulated industries, covered by such compliance frameworks as HIPAA / HITRUST and HITECH, GDPR, PCI-DSS, SOC 2 and SOC 3.

Storagepipe has successfully supported and assisted many customers through regulatory audits.

Storagepipe also offers WORM (Write Once, Read Many) storage solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

Need assistance with migrating your data to archival storage? Our data Managed Services team can help! Read more here.


Reliable, scalable and disaster-proof data archiving for simplified compliance.

  • Move inactive data off of production into secure archive
  • Quick and easy access and archived data search functions
  • Meet compliance for SSAE 16, ISO 9001/27001, HIPAA, PIPEDA
  • No need for on-premise infrastructure, hardware
  • Multiple retention options including GFS archives
  • Fully automate archival process with easily accessible data