Protect data stored on Public Cloud Backup providers AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud

  • Cloud Mobility allows full system recovery into an alternative public cloud, private cloud or on-premise
  • Cloud backups with End-to-End AES-256 Encryption and secure offsite transfer via secure SSL/TLS connection
  • Protect your public cloud virtual machines with secure managed cloud backup
  • Distributed restores to the cloud with multiple streams for optimal load sharing
  • Fully managed cloud backup service with tenant restrictions to protect from risks and threats
  • Cloud data protection including onsite and offsite protection with multiple retention and archiving options

Why You Need Public Cloud Protection

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure provide reliable cloud computing platforms for agile and scalable building, testing and deployment of modern apps. But while Microsoft and Amazon assume responsibility for the infrastructure, their Shared Responsibility Models make it clear that it is still your data and you retain the responsibility to secure and protect it.

Storagepipe delivers an enterprise-ready public cloud backup and recovery service with capabilities to fully automate and manage the protection of your AWS and Azure infrastructure and scale with your expansion.

Cost-effectiveness and security are front of mind without sacrificing reliability or SLA attainment, eliminating the risk of data loss while avoiding cloud overspend and unexpected costs.

Does AWS or Azure Backup Your Data?

The short answer is No. While varying degrees of resilience can be architected within AWS or Azure, neither keeps backups of your data. It is your responsibility to ensure data is secured and protected whether it is IaaS, PaaS or SaaS being consumed.

Without backup and recovery, your applications or data cannot be restored to overcome data loss due to accidental deletion, cybersecurity threats and ransomware, or an outage.

Protect Your Cloud Workloads and Data with Advanced Encryption and Privacy

At Storagepipe, we ensure your data privacy and protection with our government grade AES encryption for data at rest and encryption during transit, along with unique customer keys.

Select the location of the datacenter where an offsite backup is stored, giving you control and knowledge over data residency.

Your data remains completely private and secure in the cloud – whether it’s from governments, cloud providers or malicious actors.

Public Cloud Services

Azure and AWS Cloud Backup as a Service

Swiftly and easily backup your data from public cloud providers such as Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our advanced backup features make your life easier, while saving you time and money. With Storagepipe, your Public Cloud backups are immediately available whenever you need to restore your data.

As per Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility policy, Storagepipe empowers you to secure and protect your data in the Azure Public Cloud and beyond.

  • Azure cloud, virtual and physical backup for seamless Cloud Mobility and data portability
  • Protect your applications and data on Azure with an enterprise-grade, turnkey deployment and backup tool
  • Automate AWS-native backup and recovery with customizable policy-based automation for easy data protection at scale for all AWS apps and data
  • Seamless data transfers between AWS, on premises and other public clouds provides app and data portability and unifies data protection and management tasks across cloud, virtual and physical
  • Protect against ransomware and cyberthreats with isolated and offsite backups from production for AWS and Amazon S3 Object Lock Immutability
  • Distributed restores to the cloud (Azure or AWS) with multiple streams for optimal load sharing
  • Perform Full, Incremental, and Synthetic full backups (Azure or AWS)


Public Cloud Data Protection with Advanced Encryption and Privacy

  • Management options for public cloud data protection
  • High data reduction ratios during secure data transfer
  • Integrated cost-effective archiving optimizing efficiencies, compliance
  • Optimized transfer speeds and efficient bandwidth consumption
  • Cloud Mobility provides business continuity and agility
  • Protected backups with End-to-End AES-256 Encryption