What’s Missing in Your Microsoft O365 Security and Data Protection?

You've embraced remote working - are you still secure? The trend towards remote working has been growing for several decades, but recently due to world events, many businesses have had to adopt supporting technologies and processes quickly and under pressure. The remote working trend has also dovetailed with the move to the cloud and software-as-a-service [...]

Find Your DRaaS Partner and Make Disaster Recovery a Strategic Part of Your Service Portfolio

You may already be managing backup services for some of your clients, but haven’t yet expanded to offering a complete disaster recovery service. Or you simply haven’t added managed backup or disaster recovery (DR) to your service portfolio at all. Either way, there are good reasons to consider offering your customers DR, not just as [...]

Enterprise DR Planning: Disaster Ready Means Ready to Compete

We usually think of being ready for a disaster as a kind of insurance policy against a low probability event. This approach treats SMB and enterprise DR planning as necessary, but hardly strategic, and most of us would never consider it as a competitive advantage. We should. In the spring of 2007, just before the [...]

Ensure Hurricane Disaster Recovery During Record Breaking 2020 Season

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1 and is well underway; for the first time in recorded history, nine named tropical storms formed before August and thirteen formed before September. Out of those storms, Hanna developed into the first hurricane of the summer as a category 1 event, striking South Texas in July [...]

How to Secure Remote Access?

Secure remote access safeguards sensitive data transmission when applications are accessed from devices outside of the corporate network. It also enhances cybersecurity by introducing complexities for threat actors. In many cases, vulnerabilities in software applications, especially critical ones, may become harder to exploit as the configuration of the service begins to move away from the [...]

Get Ready to Remove Adobe Flash: End of Life Cybersecurity Threats

Adobe has announced that the Flash Player and its respective components will no longer be distributed or updated as of December 31, 2020. While security patches will still be updated as Adobe winds down their management of Flash, it is prudent for businesses and IT professionals to anticipate longer timelines for their deployment, with the [...]

Disaster Recovery Services Should be Part of Your Cloud Strategy

As businesses pursue digital transformation, their key assets are shifting from physical infrastructure to data. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other kinds of analytics rely on data to power their algorithms. Data is now the most valuable asset for many businesses; not just customer and financial data, but operational data as well. Loss of [...]

Remote Workers and Office 365 Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

SaaS applications such as Office 365 are part of what is allowing the global shift towards remote working. Having everything in the cloud means that employees enjoy much greater flexibility about where and when they work, and organizations can reduce their real estate footprint. However, using cloud-based services does not mean that IT can forget [...]

How to Securely Support Remote Workers in the Cloud

Working remotely, whether from home, the local coffee shop or a co-working space is a big trend. As a result, many enterprises are converting their office spaces and even getting rid of providing a fixed desk per employee. Having this kind of workspace flexibility and freedom in how to structure their workday is a priority [...]

What is a Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?

All businesses need to understand what RTO (otherwise known as a Recovery Time Objective) is and how it applies to their operations, so that they can accurately assess their requirements and select the appropriate solutions, staffing and policies used in their backup and disaster recovery planning. RTO Basics Following a data disaster, a Recovery Time [...]

What is a Recovery Point Objective (RPO)?

All businesses need to understand what an RPO is (otherwise known as a Recovery Point Objective) and how it applies to their operations, so that they can accurately assess their requirements and select the appropriate solutions, staffing and policies used in their backup and disaster recovery planning. RPO Basics A Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is [...]

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Hurricanes, flooding, and other extreme weather events along with increased cyber-attacks have put the need for data backup and recovery systems into the spotlight. Cloud computing and better connectivity have made advanced disaster recovery systems more accessible for businesses. In the hunt for the best DRaaS solutions, organizations must ensure that they clearly understand what [...]

IT Disaster Recovery Planning: Minimize Your Risk

In today’s digital world, technology disruption for even a few hours can result in significant financial consequences to your business. It’s crucial for businesses of all sizes to practice IT Disaster Recovery Planning so that they have procedures and solutions in place in case of an emergency. In fact, according to Gartner, the average cost [...]

Your Data Archiving Methods Cheat Sheet

Data Archiving is a perfect solution for any organization that is required to store data for an extended or unlimited amount of time. It is also ideal for companies with information compliance requirements. This data needs to be protected against cybersecurity risks, natural disasters, and user error. Talk to our experts to learn more about [...]

COVID-19: Update from Storagepipe’s CEO

To our Valued Customers and Partners, As the world continues to see the spread of COVID-19 (“the novel Coronavirus”) and its related impacts, it becomes more and more evident that we are all increasingly affected in some ways. By now we all have needed to make some adjustments to our daily routines and our businesses. [...]

Storagepipe Awarded 2019 Veeam Rising Star Cloud & Service Provider Partner of the Year, North America

(TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA) – March 11, 2020: Storagepipe proudly announces that it has been selected as the 2019 Veeam Rising Star Cloud & Service Provider Partner of the Year, North America by Veeam® Software, the leader in Backup solutions that enable Cloud Data Management™. These fifth annual awards recognize North American Veeam ProPartners and Veeam [...]

Veeam V10: What’s New and Enhanced for Data Protection and Recovery?

Congratulations to Veeam for their release of V10! Storagepipe is very excited about this release, and our team has already been working with pre-release versions to get ready for the big launch. As a result, the team at Storagepipe is ready day 1 to provide our small, medium, and enterprise customers with a rapid and [...]

Is Old Man Winter Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

January brought quite a lot of adverse weather-related incidents bearing down on companies across the globe, and February is looking to be just as frosty. The elevated risk of extreme weather conditions means companies need to arm themselves with a robust winter disaster recovery strategy that protects against outages and data loss during a natural [...]

Why Do I Need a Backup and Recovery Plan?

Every organization needs to have an actionable data backup and recovery plan in place to ensure that critical data and applications are protected when disaster strikes. Underestimating the likelihood that adverse events will occur and impact operations, reputation, and revenue is a massive lurking threat to profitability and business continuity for organizations across the globe. [...]

This Holiday Season Don’t Let The Backup Grinch Steal Your Time

As we approach the holiday season, no one wants to be recovering data when they should be spending precious time with family and friends. Unfortunately, IT departments are too often required to respond to emergencies during the holidays because of the 24/7 nature of modern business. Customers and prospects continue to interact with businesses online, [...]

Cloud Backups for Ransomware Attack Protection and Recovery

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do cyber criminals and the tactics that they employ. As a result, the frequency of ransomware is becoming more prevalent and increasingly expensive for businesses to prevent, mitigate, and recover from when they don’t have cloud backups. The question of how to best protect against ransomware attacks is rapidly [...]

The Horrors of Not Having a Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s Halloween—the perfect time to enjoy some spooky tales. If we’ve learned anything about the horror genre from Hollywood, it’s that the scariest and most compelling horror stories are often the ones that are based on true events. Though you may no longer be scared by monster movies, urban legends, or slasher flicks, real-life horror [...]

How to Enable Data Loss Prevention in Case of Natural Disasters

Data loss prevention is critical to ensure data and business continuity after a natural disaster. Recover your systems and data as quickly and fully as possible by mitigating risk with the right policies, processes, and infrastructure. Here are the key questions you should be asking when creating a plan to protect and recover your data [...]

4 Key Benefits of DRaaS Over Traditional Disaster Recovery

Reliable disaster recovery and backup solutions are critical to ensure that consumers have the instant access to information and services from your business that they need and have come to expect. Legacy solutions such as offsite tape repositories do not provide the immediate and dependable response needed to meet end user and business demands. Disaster [...]

Data Protection with Encryption: Lessons Learned from Capital One

The Capital One data breach that compromised the personal information of more than 100 million people in the US and 6 million in Canada may have been preventable had the credit card issuer taken more care in configuring the firewall used to protect the system from intrusions. According to the FBI, Paige Thompson was allegedly [...]

Four Best Practices for Protecting your Data during Hurricane Season

The last thing you need during a hurricane is worrying about whether you’ll permanently lose your data or have downtime that your business simply cannot afford. Early preparation is the best way to minimize the impact of this season’s hurricanes and ensure business continuity.  Here are the four best practices to consider as you plan [...]

Why We Never Miss VeeamON

VeeamON, VeeamON, VeeamON. It is currently the talk of the town… or at least around our office. VeeamON is the premier conference for cloud data management with networking, training and insights from many of the world’s leading IT experts and visionaries. In other words, it’s not an event to be missed. As the VeeamON team [...]

Why DRaaS is a Must-Have in 2019

From serious security breaches affecting billions of users to hurricanes, fires and unpredictable weather spreading across the North American coasts, disasters – both man-made and natural – have hit the business world hard in 2018 continue to do so in 2019. While your business might not be affected on such a large scale, any sort [...]

Why Office 365 Backup is Worth the Investment

Office 365 has many great features but full data backup is not one of them. Switching to Office 365 is a smart business decision for organizations looking to enhance business agility, strengthen team communication and collaboration, and decrease the time and money spent on on-premise IT systems. However, you cannot harness the full benefits of [...]

Secure Your Cloud Backup from Ransomware

Cyber security threats and attacks are always evolving. Viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware and scareware have all been around for a long time. One type of malware, however, has been grabbing headlines and creating headaches for users and IT professionals alike: ransomware. What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malicious software -- malware [...]

Storagepipe Acquires Ottawa’s Leading MSP GridWay

TORONTO, ON – February 26, 2019 – Storagepipe Solutions Inc., the leading Canadian company in backup and disaster recovery services, is pleased to announce its acquisition of GridWay Computing Corporation, Ottawa’s top IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) for small and medium businesses and organizations. “I am very excited to welcome the GridWay team to the […]

Give Your Data the Love It Deserves

We know your data is important to you. And you'd go the extra mile to retrieve it if it was to get lost. But do you know what that extra mile, or many miles, might look like? And if you’d even be successful in the end? Unintentional, and unfortunately also intentional, data loss happens everyday […]

Natural Disasters in Canada

Many Canadian businesses are reeling from Mother Nature’s latest curveball. This year we’ve seen severe wind storms and heavy flooding in several parts of the country. It’s clear, Canada’s weather patterns are evolving and severe weather is occurring more frequently. In fact, The Insurance Bureau of Canada reported a record $4.9 billion in insured damage […]

Canada’s New Data Breach Notification Rules: What you need to know

On November 1, 2018 the Government of Canada implemented significant changes to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Much like the new regulations released by European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) in early 2018, the government is putting the power back in the hands of the individuals whose personal data is being collected and stored. Non-compliance of PIPEDA can result in fines […]

Data Security Best Practices for Mitigating Risk

Data protection for manufacturers is not easy. With increased cyber-attacks, regulation changes, shrinking budgets, and a complicated political cross-border environment – data protection can feel like just another burden on the IT team. Today’s growing manufacturing organizations face IT challenges that include increasing costs, evolving business requirements and aging technology. Finding new solutions focusing on […]

Financial Services Part 3: 6 Steps to Avoid Cyber Security Risks

With the adoption of GDPR and the Canadian government providing regulatory support in combatting the threat of personal data protection, it’s a chance for organizations – both big and small – to create their own cybersecurity plan. What can companies do to recognize and combat cybercrime and improve their cyber-education? Here are some tips and […]

Financial Services – Part 2: Regulatory Compliance and Data Management

In part one of our Financial Services series Maintain Control of your Data in the Face of an Attack, we discussed the different types of security threats you may face. In part two we will review the regulatory changes the GPDR has created for financial services firms and how the Canadian Government has responded to […]

Financial Services – Part 1: Maintain Control of your Data in the Face of an Attack

The financial services industry is a routine target for cybercriminals, more so than any other industry. From ransomware to phishing attacks, the first half of 2018 has seen a surge in cybersecurity activity with a significant breach in two of the largest Canadian banks. Cyberattacks may be unavoidable but, in an industry as crucial as […]

Disaster Recovery and Backup are like a Free Puppy

When I was a young boy, I saw a sign on our street that said “free puppies”, with an adorable picture. Excited, I went to see my father and said “daddy daddy”, the puppies are free. Can I have one, pleeeeas? My father reminded me that a puppy is a lot of responsibility. It’s not […]

Is your organization GDPR compliant?

GDPR, a set of new rules for data collection and storage, took effect on May 25th, 2018. The purpose of the regulation is to provide individuals with more control over their own data and communicate how that data is collected, stored, processed and used – no matter the location. For the first time, monetary sanctions […]

Use Comparative Advantage To Become a Better CIO

Imagine that 3 people want to each open a sandwich shop. One man is a butcher, another is a farmer, and the third is a baker. The butcher is an expert with meats. The farmer is an expert with produce. And the baker is an expert at making bread. Each is the master of their […]

Alarm Fatigue – When Your Backups Cry Wolf

What would happen if the fire alarm in your office went off at this very moment? Would there be a mad rush for the doors, or would most people just ignore it and keep working until they smelled smoke? As indicated by the Institute for Research in Construction, only about 25% of occupants react to […]

Backup’s Automation Paradox

In 1992, the Royal Majesty cruise ship ran aground because of an electrical problem with their GPS system. Despite the fact that it should have been clear to any experienced crewmember that the ship had been veering off-course, most simply assumed that the GPS system would correct itself or someone else would take on the […]

Air-Gap Backups

Imagine the following scenario: You’re the IT administrator for your company. To eliminate human error and physical media failure, you’ve implemented a fully-automated network backup solution that creates redundant backup copies across multiple physical sites. You’re following the greater part of the best practices. In any case, at that point something terrible happens. One of […]

Happy Holidays From Storagepipe

Happy Holidays From Storagepipe THREAT! The virus scanner pings Your system needs some updating Yes it has been quite a while Your OS is out of style Careful with your documents It’s just good ol’ common sense Always backup your hard drive And any threat you will survive THREAT! The virus scanner pings Cryptocurrency mining […]

Edmonton And Calgary Database Backup

Black Swan Disaster Recovery

The term “Black Swan” dates back to the first century A.D. Originally. The term was ordinarily used to show an event that was exceptionally improbable. For example: “I’ll see a Black Swan before you ever beat me at chess.” “An honest politician is like a Black Swan.” And then, in 1697, something incredible happened. The […]

How Netflix Thrives In Chaos

In September of 2015, Amazon experienced a major downtime incident that knocked out availability at many leading cloud services, including Amazon’s own Echo smart speaker. Of all the companies affected by this breach, none seem to have fared better than Netflix. Despite the major disruption that knocked out more than 20 critical AWS services, Netflix […]

The Cloud Bank Fallacy

For over a decade, cloud computing has been one of the most talked-about trends in IT. Compared to traditional infrastructure, leveraging the cloud has been consistently shown to offer overwhelmingly positive business benefits. And despite a long track record of success, some IT administrators are still reluctant to trust the cloud when it comes to […]

Internet Of Things Smart Cities Infographic

Smart cities are the epicentre of infrastructure and technology. By 2050, 2/3 of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. To limit strain on resources and infrastructure, cities from around the world are taking the necessary steps to not only live better but smarter. Storagepipe is at the forefront these innovations – offering […]

Mode Errors – A Disaster Recovery Weak Point

Transcript: In 1999, NASA invested over $300 million in the Mars Climate Orbiter project. The spacecraft crashed into mars and disintegrated, because scientists had accidentally mistaken metric measurements for imperial units. How is it that some of the most intelligent people in the world, working on such an important project, could make such an obvious […]

How IT Automation Saved 98,000 Lives

Transcript: What if there was an easily-preventable safety problem that was causing death and destruction all around you? Would you take immediate action to fix it? In 1999, the US Institute of Medicine released a shocking study, where they revealed that over 98,000 people died every year from preventable medical errors. That’s the equivalent of […]

DRaaS Appliances 101

Transcript: For midsized companies around 1000 employees, the average costs of unplanned downtime ranges from $1,200 to $3,600 per hour, depending on the industry. And the average midsize company experiences 16–20 business hours of downtime per year. As you can see, there is a significant financial motivation for companies to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime. […]

Choosing The Right DRaaS Provider And the Right Plan

Transcript: Implementing an effective DRaaS solution is not a simple matter. Your provider will act as a trusted partner, ensuring not just that you have the most appropriate DR plan, but also that this plan is managed, maintained, monitored, adapted and scaled properly for years to come. There are a few key points that you […]

What Johnny Cash Taught Us About Disaster Recovery

Does this famous song remind you of your backup plan?

What Does Amazon’s S3 and EC2 Outage Mean For You?

Dealing with downtime in a cloud-centric world

Moving From Capex to Opex – IT Budgeting Hacks That Provide Peace of Mind

This will make you reconsider how you think about IT spending.

The Billionaire’s Doctor – A Backup and Disaster Recovery Riddle

Here’s an interesting riddle that might make you re-think how you approach IT security.


Here is what all IT executives should aspire to for 2017

Who is Grace Hopper?

Who is Grace Hopper?

Why Malware Happens – Theft of Digital Resources (DDoS, Bitcoin, Brute Force)

How hackers steal digital resources for DDoS, Cryptocurrency, Brute Force, and other purposes.

Backup Testing vs. Backup Verification

Trust… but verify!

Ignore Viruses, Theft, and Natural Disasters

The primary causes of data loss were hardware failure, followed by human error, and software corruption. How much is data protection worth to you?

Why Malware Happens – Ethical Hacking and Recognition

How curiosity, fame and recognition can motivate bad people to attack your systems.

Emerging Trends In Cloud Data Protection

How Cloud Data Protection Has Changed in 15 Years

Why Malware Happens – Spam and Botnets

Learn about how hackers and malware creators leverage hacked computers for spam and botnets to infect your computer & how to protect your system from them.

Why Malware Happens – Phishing and Social Engineering

How Phishing and Social Engineering make you a potential target for cybercrime.

How (Not To) Get Free Unlimited Online Backup – DIY

Discover the wrong way to get free online backup. Used by thousands of people.

What is Ransomware? How can you protect yourself?

How to protect yourself from ransomware.

Happy Holidays 2015 From Storagepipe

Happy Holidays from Storagepipe

Video Infographic – Storagepipe Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect Repository Video Overview

Interview Highlight – Online Backup for iOS and Android

Interview about Storagepipe’s online backup service for Android and iOS devices

How Veeam Fits Into Your Overall Data Protection Plan

Storagepipe’s VeeamOn 2015 Presentation – Cloud Connect, Veeam DR, Veeam Gold Partner

Unplanned Server Downtime Cost Calculator

This is a special video for us. We’ve been listening to our customers and some of the questions they have been asking us, and we’ve put together a special tool that we hope will help some of you.

How To Secure Your Off-Site Backups

Did you know that, during the cold war, atomic scientists were struggling with the question of how to protect top-secret nuclear launch codes…

Backup and Disaster Recovery for MS Exchange ans MS SQL (DRaaS)

… from a mission critical data perspective, like Microsoft Exchange or SQL and Oracle data, does your appliances also capture that data and you can recover …

Cloud Storage 101 Ebook – Cloud Storage for Beginners

Thanks to the rapidly-growing popularity of cloud storage, we’re constantly being approached with questions about the best ways to leverage the power of the cloud.

The 130-Year-Old IT Security Concept We Still Use Today

Discover the incredible information security technique that was first developed for telegraphs, and is still in use today!

Aligning IT With Organizational Core Competencies

Aligning IT With Organizational Core Competencies

Backup For Heterogeneous IT Environments

This clip is from a recent interview with Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin, about Storagepipe’s approach to protecting heterogeneous IT environments.

Interview Highlight: Veeam Cloud Connect through Veeam Cloud Partners (for VMware, Hyper-V)

This clip is from a recent interview with Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin, about Storagepipe’s unique approach to delivering Veeam backup for virtualized systems. Storagepipe is a Veeam partner, offering services through Veeam Cloud Connect, which provides an easy way to host backups in the cloud.

Interview Highlight – Offsite Backup and DR for IBM i, iSeries, AS/400 (IBM Power Systems)

This clip is from a recent interview with Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin, about Storagepipe’s backup, disaster recovery and high availability services for IBM i, AS/400 and iSeries platforms. (IBM Power Systems)

Data Protection Gumbo Interviews Storagepipe CEO

Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin sat down with Demetrius Malbrough for the latest installment of the Data Protection Gumbo podcast series. This latest episode is called “Fixing Broken Backup”, and provides tons of great insight from seasoned backup professionals.

Backup is Broken. Here’s how we fix it.

Hey you. Yes. You. Let’s have a talk. Your backup is broken, and we need to fix it.

The difference between Backup and Disaster Recovery

“What’s the difference between backup and disaster recovery?” As data protection specialists, this is a question we often get from clients.

How BYOD and Remote Working Affects The Backup Process

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and employee satisfaction while also reducing costs associated with doing business. And with the commoditization of IT upon us, companies are eager to leverage new, flexible working styles to become more responsive and efficient.

Eliminating Complexity and Risk From Your Data Protection

There once was a manufacturer that supplied parts for a car company. Their quality control process allowed them to ensure no more than 1 defect for evert 1000 parts shipped. At first, this seems very impressive. But each car consisted of over 10,000 different components. If every supplier maintained the same standard of quality, this would guarantee 10 defects for every vehicle. Not only would this create unhappy customers, but it could also put lives at risk.

The Critical Feature that Many Offsite Backup Services Shockingly Leave Out

It’s hard to think of anyone whose personal and professional lives have not been deeply affected by the emergence of cloud computing.

Is The USB Drive Becoming Obsolete?

Throughout the history of computing, consumers and business users have used many different media types to store and transfer their computer data.

How EMR Privacy Affects Patient Health

The sacred respect that doctors have for the privacy of their patients has roots that go all the way back to the Hippocratic Oath. And now that most medical information is primarily kept in digital format, the importance of medical information privacy is more hotly debated than ever.

Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Sell White Label Online Backup in 2015

At Storagepipe, we’ve helped many companies – ranging from independent telecom providers to large major retail chains – to create and launch their own fully-customized, private label cloud backup and synchronization products.

“Cloud Boxes” vs “Online Backup”

The cloud has completely changed the way we travel, and in a very positive way. Whether you are looking forward to a family vacation or an important business trip, cloud-based services can provide convenience by allowing you to share photos and videos while on the road. And the cloud can also keep your priceless and irreplaceable travel data safe from harm at a time when data loss is extremely common.

Storagepipe Launches New CDP Online Backup Service with Improved Speed, Efficiency and Customization

Storagepipe has announced the latest edition of their popular CDP online backup software and industry-leading Service Provider Platform for white label partners. These solutions have been re-designed and enhanced to ensure the most optimized performance, cutting-edge innovation, and in-demand features.

Agent or Agentless Backups: Which is best?

One of the oldest and most enduring debates in the backup space has revolved around the use of installed agents to protect computers.

Happy Holidays from Storagepipe

2014 has been a year of dynamic change and growth here at Storagepipe, with the introduction of many new services

Halloween Spooky Backup Horror Story

 It’s often said that a man dies twice. The first death happens when their bodies become lifeless. But their supernatural death occurs when their name is spoken for the last time… as their memory becomes forgotten for all of eternity.

Block-Level and File-Level Incremental Backup

In order for a backup plan to truly protect against data loss, it’s essential that the backup policy keeps multiple historical versions of all documents and files.

How Cloud Archiving and Storage Helps With Electronic Discovery

There is a new trend that’s threatening companies today.

Storagepipe Online Backup Opens New Texas Datacenter

In response to customer demand, Storagepipe has expanded its operations and opened a new datacenter in Dallas, TX.

Storagepipe Announces New Veeam Cloud Provider Partnership

Storagepipe has added to its off-site backup services portfolio to include a hybrid solution with Veeam software. Through an exciting new partnership with Veeam, Storagepipe can now provide customers and partners with an even more complete set of off-site backup services and solutions for the protection of virtualized environments.

Storagepipe Announces “New Year’s Resolution” Deals on Offsite Backup Bundles

Storagepipe has announced a series of limited-time promotional “New Year’s Resolution” bundles, which will be made available to customers that sign up before January 31, 2014.

Happy Holidays from Storagepipe

I’m happy to announce that – after 12 years of steady success – 2013 was once-again one of our best. And our loyal customers & supporters are primarily to thank for this.

Storagepipe Donates to Philippines’ Disaster Relief

Offsite backup provider Storagepipe has announced that they are donating to the disaster relief efforts in the Philippines in hopes of providing needed supplies and resources to those affected by the recent natural disaster.

Upcoming Webinar: Reselling White Label Online Backup

According to IDC, 60% of all corporate data will be stored in the cloud by 2016. And we can help your organization capitalize on this trend.

Storagepipe Featured on Cover of PC Today

What would your organization do without access to its CRM system, email, and collaboration software?

Canada Day Viral Video (National Anthem on Disk Drives)

his short patriotic video was presented as part of our Canada Day mailer in 2012. Since then, it’s been a recurring feature in our newsletters, and has gained popularity through social networks.

Infographic Viral Video Rocks Crowds

Storagepipe has recently introduced their latest viral video infographic at a number of major IT events – including IBM Pulse 2013 in Las Vegas – receiving overwhelmingly positive reactions from attendees at these conferences.

IBM Pulse Data Protection, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Infographic

Every year, IBM holds its annual PULSE event, which is one of the most important annual events for IBM partners and customers. As part of this event, IBM highlights successful partners who’ve stood out in their approach to reselling IBM services.

Storagepipe to Present at IBM Pulse 2013

In recognition of Storagepipe’s innovative implementations and record of success as an IBM Business Partner, IBM has invited Storagepipe to present a breakout session at the upcoming Pulse 2013 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 3, 2013.

Happy Holidays 2012 from Storagepipe

As the year reaches an end, I’m happy to announce that 2012 was one of the most successful years in Storagepipe’s 11 year history. And it’s all been thanks to our loyal customers and supporters.

Happy Holidays 2012

Due to the nature of our business, Storagepipe is very sensitive to issues having to do with disaster preparedness, disaster response, and the effects of disasters on those who are unprepared or who simply do not have the financial means to adequately prepare themselves.

Storagepipe Releases New Online Backup Videos

Here at Storagepipe, we’ve been busy updating our fast-growing YouTube channel over recent months. Our YouTube channel is one of the leading online educational resources for anyone interested in learning about the data protection or disaster recovery field.

James Bond Skyfall Film Addresses Real-World Data Security Issues

As long-recognized leaders in the data protection space, Storagepipe is often asked to provide insight into emerging technology trends for major IT publications.

New Brand for iSeries, AIX And Other IBM Systems

Storagepipe has recently attracted a lot of media attentions from publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Silo Breaker,Digital Journal, and more…

How Do Delta Backups Work?

In order to be securely protected, you need to maintain many historical copies of your data for point-in-time recovery. However, these can take up a lot of space unless you use some sort of “delta” or “incremental” backup system.

Happy Canada Day from Storagepipe Solutions

As Canada’s leader in business-class data protection, archiving and high-availability services for over 11 years, we thought that it would be appropriate to show our appreciation to the amazing Canadian tech community that has been so good to us over the years.

Storagepipe Setting Trends And Attracting Media Attention

For over 11 years now, Storagepipe has been pioneering new innovation and setting the example for other backup companies to follow. As a result, we’ve received lots of media attention.

Live Webinar May 1st, 2012

toragepipe Fastback DR is the ultimate all-in-one backup solution for Windows Servers. It’s a fully-automated service that lets you back up all of your SQL, Exchange and data files, while ensuring INCREDIBLY FAST bare metal recovery.

How Quantum Physics Makes Your Backups More Efficient

This month’s newsletter features one of the more unique and fascinating videos that we’ve produced.

What’s better for Backup: Disk or Tape?

One of the oldest debates in technology has revolved around the battle for disk or tape supremacy in the backup space.

Live Webinar on January 23

Storagepipe Fastback DR is the ultimate all-in-one backup solution for Windows Servers. It’s a fully-automated service that lets you back up all of your SQL, Exchange and data files, while ensuring INCREDIBLY FAST bare metal recovery.

Happy Holidays From Storagepipe Solutions

2011 marks Storagepipe’s tenth anniversary as an online backup innovator and pioneer. And looking back, it’s amazing just how fast that time has flown by.

The Beautiful Poetry of Information (Video)

We “geeks” sometimes get a reputation for being unromantic and over-analytical. So it’s normal that some people might not understand why everyone here at Storagepipe would be so absolutely passionate about something as seemingly mundane as backup and data protection.

Three Main Motives That Threaten Your Data

Data loss and privacy breaches can happen any time, anywhere. And too often, people fail to prepare themselves adequately because they never believe it will happen to them.

The Essential Pillars of Data Protection

How do you know if your data is really safe? What does it mean to “protect” your data? Is there some sort of test that you can use to tell if your data is truly protected?

Live Webinar: Fastback DR For Exchange — Nov. 15, 2:00pm EST

Storagepipe Fastback DR is the ultimate all-in-one backup solution for Windows Servers. It’s a fully-automated tool kit that lets you back up all of your SQL, Exchange and data files, while ensuring INCREDIBLY FAST bare metal recovery.

Storagepipe Knows Backup, But Can They Rap?

Over the past year, we’ve managed to build up one of the deepest YouTube channels devoted exclusively to education in the field of backup, data protection, and storage management. Our aim is to create a truly exceptional resource which can be used by technology professionals gain a better understanding of how current trends in technology are affecting their data, information and storage.

Why You Should Never Use Your Backups As Archives

In late August, IBM announced that it was creating a 120 Petabyte storage cluster for one of their clients. This project should serve as a warning sign about an important emerging IT trend.

Why Versioned Backup Files Are Important

While full scale data disasters are rare, many businesses experience significant data loss and business interruption from common incidents. In fact, for most computer users, it’s almost inevitable that you will eventually experience some form of data loss incident that results in lost or corrupted computer files.

How to Test Backups

Will your backup work when you need it the most? Is your backup approach seamless or disjointed? Do you test your backup methods regularly?

Leading Methodologies for Database Backup

There are many approaches that can be taken when backing up databases, and it is important to know your available options so that you can choose the backup approach that is best for your database protection requirements.

Database Backups: Logical vs. Physical, Hot vs. Cold

Because databases support business critical application, it’s important that you implement a solid data protection and disaster recovery process from the very beginning. Strong fundamentals are important at this early stage, because it will be harder to modify your backup process further down the road.

Live Event July 20 2011

Storagepipe Fastback DR is the most exciting new backup technology to come along in years. And tomorrow, you will get to see a demonstration of this revolutionary new service.

Database Backup

Over the past decade, complex business-grade database systems have become significantly cheaper, easier-to-use, and more accessible to small business owners who might not have a deep understanding of database fundamentals.

The Most Common DEADLY Backup Mistake

As you might imagine, we get a lot of calls in from people who’ve just lost critical data because they forgot to back up.

Why Is Cloud Computing Important?

Cloud computing gets talked about a lot in the press. But for someone who’s new to SaaS and the cloud, it might be hard to see what the big fuss is about, or why this is such a transformational new dynamic within the technology sector.

Happy Holidays From Storagepipe

The holidays are a time for friends and family to get together. So put your work aside, automate your backups and do whatever it takes to free up more time for the people that really matter in your life.

New Android and iPhone App

Storagepipe’s New Android and iPhone App is Here!

The Benefits of Cloud Data Archiving

Exponential data growth is arguably the number-one problem affecting IT departments today. Data growth makes it harder to back up data, harder to recover, harder to test backup, and also introduces a number of other key challenges.

How a Managed Backup Provider Helps in Data Protection

For most growing companies, managing technology change can be quite challenging. A small company with a few laptops and a simple windows file server can quickly grow in scope to include things such as tablets, database servers and email servers.

White Label Online Backup Reseller Program

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have your own online backup service?

How Online Backup Improves Overall Quality Of Life

Many people under-estimate how stressful life can be for technology workers.

White Label Online Backup, Cloud Storage and Sync Reseller Program

This video follows the story of Charles, who has a successful and growing IT consulting business. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, he’s always looking to offer leading-edge premium solutions that provide the features and capabilities that his clients demand.

Electronic Discovery and Information Compliance

The age of information compliance and electronic discovery is here, and companies are putting themselves at risk by failing to adequately prepare.

Advice for MSPs, VARs, and Channel Partners

As many of you have probably noticed, we’ve been steadily expanding our YouTube channel to include informative content for all areas of IT.

SEO tips for IT service companies [MP3 Audio Download]

Troy Ireland answers all of your most pressing SEO questions for VARs and Consultants looking to reach new IT customers.

New Videos for Ediscovery Preparedness

It’s an old cliché at that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But the problem has always been that “last minute cures” are always easier to sell than “preventative maintenance”. This applies as much to people, as it does to organizations.

ORION Launches Canada’s First Online Data Backup Service for R&E

The Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) is launching Canada’s first backup storage service dedicated exclusively to research and education institutions.

How DRaaS (Disaster Recovery As A Service) Helps Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Today, business no longer operates on a 9-to-5 schedule. Now, customers expect access to their accounts and resources around the clock. And employees want access to internal systems from anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

Storagepipe Online Backup Now Supports 64-Bit Windows, Also Available Through Channel Partner Program

As a leader in high-performance data protection, Storagepipe Solutions has announced the new release of their online backup service with support for 64-bit Windows systems.

Backup for BYOD, Teleworking and Distributed/Fragmented Offices

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a movement that has transformed the way that companies do business. By allowing employees to provide their own machines, companies eliminate much of the cost and complexity involved in IT management.

Email Archiving for Overcome Microsoft Exchange Performance Issues

For smaller organizations that manage their own systems, email server platforms – such as Microsoft Exchange – can present some special challenges.

Storagepipe Podcast Interview Series

Storagepipe Recently had the honor of being interviewed on the Startup Success Podcast with Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley.

History of Storagepipe: The Early Days

People will often ask how Storagepipe came to be, and how we chose data protection as an area of speciality.

Worst-Case Data Loss Disaster Scenarios

Although most companies consistently back up their data, it’s actually fairly rare for companies to test the integrity of their backups to see if they have been backing up properly.

Business continuity and High-availability


When Storagepipe first launched in 2001, the company exclusively offered online backup (at that time called “managed backup”) services.

Differentiating From Other Managed Service Providers

Of course, it’s easy to say that backup is a very competitive market. According to some reports, the number of companies offering online backup services is well above 5000.  So how can Managed Service Providers differentiate themselves and remain competitive in such a saturated and fragmented marketplace?

Multilingual Online Backup Reseller Program Open to Vars

Storagepipe Solutions has updated their suite of reseller services to include support for a growing number of languages.

What is White Label Online Backup?

The Startup Success Podcast chose to interview Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin, discussing many topics relating to success factors for those in the ISV and VAR space.

Grandfather Father Son (GFS) vs. Progressive Backup

Along with physical media failure, one of the 2 leading cause of critical data loss is human error. Without the proper experience and training, it is easy to make mistakes that will land your company in trouble. One important step is to have multiple backup versions. If the previous night’s backup version is corrupted, undesirable or unavailable, you can load an earlier version from a previous date.

Rapid Recovery Linux Deduplication

In response to the recent success of their Rapid Recovery offering, Storagepipe Solutions ( has issued several important new updates that allow support for Linux systems and data deduplication for minimized storage costs and improved recovery speeds.

Advice For VARs and Resellers on Handling Group Sales Decisions

We’ve put this video together based on some of the more common questions that we get from our wholesale reseller partners. These include VARS, IT integrators and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who sell Storagepipe’s data protection services to their business clients.

B2B Technology Selling

The Startup Success Podcast is the podcast for Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley. These 2 are successful speakers, authors and entrepreneurs, and they have built a reputation by interviewing thought leaders and successful tech CEOs.

Using Server Replication for High Availability

When establishing your data protection plan, there are a number of criterial which need to be taken into consideration. Amongst the most important of these are your optimal desired recovery time, and your tolerance for both planned and unplanned downtime.

New Online Backup For Sharepoint

New Online Backup with SharePoint-Specific interface, granularity and advanced policy management features.

Online Online Data Protection Suite With Support For Windows 7

In-line with the much-anticipated release of Windows 7, Storagepipe Solutions has announced that their suite of online data protection services is fully compatible with the new operating system from Microsoft, and that users can expect a smooth transition with optimal software compatibility.

Featured in

Dave Webb of Computerworld recently wrote a nice article about Storagepipe.

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At Storagepipe Solutions, we love to provide assistance to our friends in the business continuity & data recovery community. Over the past few months, Storagepipe has been contributing periodic content & articles for the great people at remote online backup.

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As many of you already know, is one of the premier online resources for all the latest buzz in the online backup and hosted storage industry. If anything happens in the world of online backup, you can usually expect the well-connected editors of this high-quality site to tell you about it first.

Press Release: Levine Financial

TORONTO, ON – August 19, 2008 – Storagepipe Solutions, ( today announced Levine Financial Group ( has implemented its online backup and remote storage solution to manage its data protection across their company. Levine Financial Group has been providing insurance and wealth management services to medical and business professionals since 1967. The company is proud of its reputation for protecting the wealth and financial futures of its clients. They provide highly responsive service with value-based mandates that focus on cost, quality and benefits for numerous medical associations and hospitals throughout Ontario.

Is Third-Party Backup a Violation of HIPAA?

This is one of the most common questions that we get from the medical community.

Information privacy at

Chrysler Leasing sent a letter to many of its customers in late March, notifying them that a tape containing personal data had gone missing while being shipped from Chrysler to a credit reporting industry. This is only the latest in a long series of data breaches by major companies, caused by the transportation of sensitive information using insecure physical media. As a result, there has been a lot of talk lately about security and compliance as it pertains to corporate data. recently ran an article that talked about this incident and others like it. During their research, they turned to Storagepipe Solutions to obtain insight into the latest data-protection trends. If you’d like to read the ITbusiness article, you can find it here.

Storagepipe Featured in Investment Executive

Dan Bradbury of Investment Executive recently interviewed Storagepipe Solutions president Steven Rodin to get an insider look into current trends in business continuity and business protection.

Partner Program Delivers Service Providers and Resellers Powerful Online Backup and Offsite Storage Solutions

The program allows Storagepipe’s partners to; accelerate growth and customer loyalty< drive revenue and profitability< as well as manage their customers’ storage and backup needs individually using Storagepipe’s service provider portal.

Platform Enables Service Providers and Resellers with Powerful Online Backup and Remote Storage Solution

The online data backup platform will debut at IBM Information on Demand 2007 in Las Vegas, October 14-17, 2007.

CP24 – Local News Network

CP24 is Toronto’s leading local news network, which focuses on issues that are relevant to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Although CP24 has a local focus, there is also a strong focus on national and international news that might be of importance to people living within the GTA.

Storagepipe Solutions Appoints Steven Rodin as New President

As one of the company founders, I have a tremendous amount of pride in the company we have built,” said Laurence Goldstein, chairman of the board of Storagepipe. “We are a clear leader in the fast growing online backup and recovery industry. Now is the time for our company’s next phase of growth and Steven is the perfect person to lead the company into the future.

Storagepipe powers ASI for Schenker

ASI has partnered with Storagepipe Canada, a pre-eminent provider of disaster recovery services.

IPC Financial Network Inc. selects
Storagepipe Solutions Inc.’s SECURE Backup & Restore service

It is clear that this is a shift in technology that provides IPC with long-term benefits and less headaches. No more back-up window issues, no more failed tapes/tape drives. Our Disaster Recovery planning has become that much easier.” Said Brian Thornborrow, Director – Information Technology for IPC Financial Network Inc.

Storagepipe Solutions signs deal with
the City of Vaughan to back up AS/400 servers

The City of Vaughan has already been utilizing Storagepipe’s services to backup most to their data that was not stored on its AS/400 platform.

Storagepipe Solutions signs deal with
adidas-Salomonto back up AS/400 servers

adidas-Salomon has already been utilizing Storagepipe’s services to backup most to their corporate data that was not stored on its AS/400 platform.

Storagepipe Solutions and Applications Solutions Inc. create the first AS/400 offsite backup

Currently AS400 users cannot backup their data offsite. Storagepipe’s AS400 backup solution provides companies with a turn-key, offsite backup solution. This is made available by utilizing the latest in storage technology,” said Laurence Goldstein, President of Storagepipe Solutions.

IPC Financial Network Inc. selects Storagepipe Solutions Inc.’s SECURE Backup & Restore service

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — November 3, 2003. — Storagepipe Solutions Inc. (“Storagepipe”), the pre-eminent Canadian provider of fully managed online backup and data disaster recovery services announced today that IPC Financial Network Inc. (IPC) and its subsidiary companies including Investment Planning Counsel of Canada (IPCC) will utilize Storagepipe’s SECURE Backup & Restore service to ensure […]