Happy Holidays From Storagepipe

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Happy Holidays From Storagepipe

THREAT! The virus scanner pings
Your system needs some updating
Yes it has been quite a while
Your OS is out of style
Careful with your documents
It’s just good ol’ common sense
Always backup your hard drive
And any threat you will survive
THREAT! The virus scanner pings
Cryptocurrency mining

Using storage in the cloud
Covered by encryptions shroud
Passwords just a few are told
Keep them fresh and not too old
Always check for system bugs
and loading times that move like slugs
Fear not if your screen goes blue
Storagepipe’s looking out for you
THREAT! The virus scanner pings
For botnets, you’ll be spamming

Anti-social social engineers
Have CIOs cowering in fear
Trusted users compromised
Packet sniffers, prying eyes
Don’t bring down your company
by shrugging off security
terms, conditions we say “YES”
though not read, we must confess
THREAT! The virus scanner finds
Storagepipe for peace of mind

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