Flexible Managed Private Cloud Data Protection and Management

  • On-demand cloud infrastructure for your critical workloads, apps and virtual systems
  • High availability computing environment with low latency redundant connectivity
  • Redundant storage infrastructure with multiple standard, SSD and flash options
  • Virtual Data Centers (VDC) with virtual servers, firewalls, storage and networks
  • Easy migration, transition and management of systems and applications in the cloud based on a fully compatible VMWare vSphere® environment
  • Build to order options for performance-oriented solutions or for specific requirements of mid to large-sized enterprises
  • Dedicated single-tenant private cloud or Multi-tenant private cloud solutions
  • Cloud Infrastructure, Backup and Disaster Recovery from a single provider

Managed Private Cloud Overview

Our Managed Private Cloud Services take advantage of VMware Cloud Director’s cutting-edge automation systems and orchestration tools to manage your VDC, virtual servers, firewalls, and networks from a centralized platform.

This highly available cloud-based platform enables redundant infrastructure and optimal performance for critical workloads, while keeping your infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) under control.

Storagepipe is a VMware Cloud Verified partner and has more than 20 years of experience delivering Private Cloud, Disaster Recovery and Managed Services across North America.

Flexible Options and Dedicated Support

Managed Private Cloud provides a managed Virtual Data Center service, including virtual servers, storage, firewalls and networks, with flexible expansion available depending on your specific requirements.

Virtual Data Centers can rapidly respond to your changing needs and provide your IT environment with the flexibility you demand. You specify the resources that you need, and we provision and manage the infrastructure. You get the performance, capacity, and software that you need combines with the ability to scale as your business demands it and without the high upfront costs associated with hardware and other infrastructure.

Single Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant

How do they compare?

Single Tenant

  • Secure, dedicated environment for greater privacy and control
  • Optimized configurability, agility and efficiency
  • Flexible configurations with more custom compute and storage options for specialized applications
  • vCloud Verified VMWare-based services

Multi Tenant

  • Customer-centric, fully managed and scalable implementation
  • Optimized configurability, agility and efficiency
  • Easy deployment of multiple VM options and configurations
  • vCloud Verified VMware-based services

VMware as a Service

Do you already use VMware solutions internally? Are your environments on ESXi? No need to change your habits with Private Cloud, get exactly the same vSphere environments, plus Storagepipe expertise!

We can assist with rapid migration to a VMware Private cloud and spare you the upgrade complexity.

Ask us about:

Rapid and Scalable Implementation

Resize your infrastructure as you grow and take advantage of express resource delivery.

This could include additional CPU, memory or storage to address new applications or just growth.

Ideal for:

  • Adding temporary or long-term projects
  • Traffic spikes
  • Excess workloads
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Why Storagepipe Managed Private Cloud Services?


Simple, cost-effective, and maintenance-free infrastructure

  • Host all of your virtual and physical systems through a single trusted partner
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure with highly secure and redundant environments
  • Scalable implementations with rapid migrations and upgrades
  • Enable Backup and Disaster Recovery without OPEX costs
  • Unlimited traffic, guaranteed bandwidth, and VMware licenses included
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external regulations with SOC 2 certified operations and data centers
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Virtual Data Center (VDC) for predictable costs for selected cloud resources
  • Maintain data sovereignty by locating systems and data in a location of your choice (Canada or the USA)