Easily maximize your ability to secure your business and employees

  • Mid-Market and SMB-Friendly Training and Management
  • Microsoft® Azure AD Integration and Simple Management
  • Phishing Simulator
  • Engaging, Interactive Training
  • Trackable Training Campaigns
  • Reporting Metrics

Improve Cyber Resilience to Minimize Security Incidents and Unforeseen Costs

No matter how large or small a business is, it’s a target for cybercriminals. That’s because it only takes a single unwitting click on a phishing link to grant criminals access to everything on a given network and, in some cases, beyond. It’s also why security awareness training and phishing simulations are essential for organizations who want to transform end users from the weakest link in the security chain, into a truly resilient first line of cyber defense.

Storagepipe Cybersecurity Awareness Training provides the continuous, relevant, and measurable testing and education that businesses need to minimize risky user behaviors and resulting security incidents. Cybersecurity Awareness Training helps you achieve cyber resilience and is backed by real-time threat intelligence. Customers can rest assured that all courses are up to date and relevant.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness Training at a Glance

Engaging, Interactive Training
Cybersecurity training must be engaging, interactive, and easy to consume to hold users’ attention and achieve lasting results. All of Storagepipe’s high-quality courses fit these criteria and can be sent directly to end users on a scheduled basis. Users can access and launch all courses in one click from any browser on any computer or mobile device.

Intuitive Learning Management System (LMS)
Storagepipe Cybersecurity Awareness Training includes a highly automated LMS to make training management easy and efficient.

Tracking Training Campaigns
The built-in LMS keeps track of every user’s participation, making all cybersecurity education accountable and measurable. Automated reminders ensure users know about any outstanding coursework.

Phishing Simulator
The phishing simulator provides an everexpanding, topical phishing template library that is regionalized for efficacy and relevance, while randomization ensures realistic engagement and phishing scenarios.

Scheduled Reporting Center
Campaign Executive Summary Report highlights the campaign data and results of the training.

Microsoft® Azure Active Directory Integration and 5-Step Wizard
The Azure AD integration makes managing user training straightforward. With its integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Storagepipe Cybersecurity Awareness Training automates the initial import of target users and keeps them in sync.

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Mid-Market and SMB-Friendly Training and Management

Storagepipe Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a fully cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Affordability is another important factor, which is why our Cybersecurity Awareness Training is designed to be easy and won’t break the bank.

Storagepipe focuses on the needs of Mid-Market and SMB customers, who don’t always have the resources to track and administer compliance and awareness training. Various features, including reminders, randomization, scheduled training, and automated reporting, make it simple and straightforward to run fully accountable and continuous security awareness campaigns that effectively improve user behavior over time.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

What’s Included

  • Multiple training campaigns throughout the year
  • Each round of security training includes two or more up-to-date-courses
  • Multiple periodic phishing campaigns with follow-on training
  • All campaigns and training are designed to be done in a reasonable amount of time for employees with busy schedules

Expected Results

Running campaigns combined with training over an extended period demonstrates a reduction in end-user click-through rates in phishing simulations. When the click-through rate on phishing simulations drops, that’s a reduction in clicks that could have compromised the organization.

Consider the number of user errors that result in security incidents each year. Then think about the subsequent productivity losses and the person-hours required for recovery. Now, factor in any regulatory fines and the loss of customer trust and business reputation. That reduction could easily mean the difference between thriving and struggling as a business.

Multiple Cybersecurity Awareness Training Courses, Including:

Featured Cybersecurity Courses:

  • Understanding Cybersecurity
  • Understanding Malware
  • Understanding Phishing
  • Working Safely and Securely
  • Avoid Phishers, Hackers, and Social Engineers

Compliance Courses

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security 101
  • Vulnerabilities due to outdated devices and software

Topical Cybersecurity Courses

  • Social Media Awareness
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Websites and Software
  • Email
  • Passwords
  • Physical Access

Need Additional Help? We’ve Got Your Back.

Everything you need in one professionally managed cybersecurity service. Get peace of mind with a defined service and a team of experienced cyber pros to help continually protect your business. Our advanced cybersecurity services are built on software with years of research and development, cyber analysis and technology from some of the most secure, complex, and fast-paced security environments in the world.

Storagepipe works with small, medium and enterprisesized businesses, providing complete cyber and data
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