As a leader in managed data protection for Power Systems since 2001, Storagepipe is a specialized IBM partner providing IBM System i Replication and DRaaS

  • Local and offsite protection for IBM i (AS/400)
  • Combined Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archiving
  • High Availability Replication for your IBM i LPARs
  • Storagepipe cloud DR solution eliminates the need for tape
  • Fully managed DRaaS appliance for iSeries
  • Installs directly onto IBM i

Comprehensive Protection for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries)

Storagepipe has been offering cloud-based data protection for IBM i since 2001.

We pioneer IBM Systems protection with a truly complete cloud-based solution for next-generation data protection challenges.

Storagepipe offers a fully managed DRaaS appliance for iSeries, with rapid on-site and off-site system recovery including Backup, Archiving, redundant infrastructure and Managed Services.

IBM System i Services

Storagepipe’s Online Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for IBM i is a complete turnkey service, including backup, archiving, and “Warm Site” Disaster Recovery Services.

This cloud solution requires no capital investment (CAPEX), and completely eliminates tape from your backup and disaster recovery.

This pay-as-you-go, truly complete, fully-managed solution is specially designed for the IBM i and eliminates the need for legacy technology in your Backup and Disaster Recovery process.

And because it installs directly onto IBM i, it provides a robust, full-featured Backup and Disaster Recovery experience without any of the drawbacks of a traditional solution.

Backup and Disaster Recovery for IBM Power Systems

  • Installs directly onto IBM i and eliminates the need for legacy technology solutions
  • When protecting IBM i, Storagepipe offers full system and data protection that is designed specifically for this platform
  • Storagepipe offers an appliance-based solution, that offers a local backup for fast recovery, and remote copies and images for major emergencies
  • In an emergency, a temporary replica server can be provisioned within Storagepipe’s datacenter until you recover
  • The first cloud-based Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery solution that’s designed specifically for the IBM i, and completely eliminates the need for tape
  • Get more of what you love from your IBM systems. With Storagepipe, you just set it and forget it. We’ll protect you reliably and effortlessly in the background


Experienced and Proven IBM System i Replication and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • Designed for i
  • Local and Remote
  • Say Goodbye to Tape
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Bare Metal and System Recovery
  • Failover to the Cloud