Storagepipe is a trusted Veeam Platinum Cloud Provider, offering proven Veeam Replication and DRaaS

  • Full Failover for all Virtual Machine workloads with allocated CPU, RAM and Storage
  • Cost-effective Partial Failover for select Virtual Machine workloads
  • System Recovery with Warm Site; Virtual (V2V) and Physical (P2V) recovery
  • System Recovery with High Availability redundancies
  • Replication and Failover for VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery with VPN and hypervisor access

Rapid Recovery in the Face of Any IT Disaster

Leverage Veeam Replication for on-demand DRaaS emergency infrastructure. Failover plans involving secondary DR sites have gone from a luxury to a critical necessity for many businesses.

Unfortunately, maintaining a secondary DR site can significantly increase IT workload and networking complexity, while incurring additional implementation costs for very little added business value. That’s why Storagepipe offers flexible Warm Site, HA and hybrid DRaaS solutions including even Colocation and Bandwidth options for specific systems to address you unique requirements.

Storagepipe’s Veeam Cloud Connect service, can save you money with emergency failover infrastructure, while leveraging Veeam’s built-in replication and networking capabilities for effortless and problem-free failover.

Full Failover vs. Partial Failover

Both offer seamless end-user experiences managed through your Veeam Console. How do they compare?

Full Failover

  • Immediately provisions datacenter infrastructure
  • Takes over the workloads for all of your virtual systems
  • Offers host-level protection, including all tenant VMs

Partial Failover

  • Failover only selected VMs having issues or…
  • …Assign failover plans to some of your most critical individual VMs
  • Continue to access applications with partial host-level protection

Veeam Replication and DRaaS Overview

Networking has always been the most technically unpleasant part of any DR implementation. In order enable failover capability, you would need to set up VPNs and deal with significant network complexity to preserve communications across hosts in different physical locations before, during and after failover.

Veeam Cloud Connect simplifies this process. Transparent networking offers a complete networking overlay that enables seamless integration of the local and off-site components of your DR plan. This all happens without having to change any of your TCP/IP settings, and while also offering full control over both default gateways and public IP address settings.

Virtual Machines In the Cloud

Now, virtual machines can be powered on at Storagepipe’s DR site, without needing to modify any IP configurations. The Veeam network extension, supplied and maintained by Storagepipe, will act as your VM’s new default gateway.

Storagepipe Veeam Replication and DRaaS Diagram

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Simple, cost-effective, and maintenance-free protection

  • Protect all of your virtual systems through a single trusted partner
  • Mitigate risks and avoid costly downtime
  • Meet compliance for SSAE 16, ISO 9001/27001, HIPAA, PIPEDA
  • Optimize performance and resource usage
  • Enable Disaster Recovery without opex infrastructure costs
  • Full and Partial Failover options to suit businesses of all sizes