Complete Your Disaster Recovery Plan with Storagepipe’s Warm Site and DRaaS Expertise

  • System Recovery with Warm Site including Virtual (V2V) and Physical (P2V) capabilities
  • Hybrid Warm and Hot Site (HA) combinations available for optimal recovery and budgeting
  • A budget-friendly alternative to disaster recovery Hot Sites
  • Redundant infrastructure, without capital investment
  • Combined Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archiving services
  • Support for multiple hypervisor platforms including VMware, Hyper-V and Nutanix
  • Multi-platform support for physical systems and Operating Systems including Windows, Linux, Unix and AS400 / iSeries
  • Secondary recovery data center, provisioned as needed

Complete Your DR Planning with Cost-Effective Warm Site DRaaS

For organizations, having a Disaster Recovery Plan (read our guide here!) in place is not optional – it’s critical. With a recent spike in natural and man-made disasters, many organizations are thinking about their business continuity plans.

Having access to a cost-effective disaster recovery environment is critical for maintaining business continuity in an emergency. How quickly you want to be up and running using an alternate infrastructure is up to you.

With Storagepipe’s Warm Site DR services, be up and running within 48 hours of a data disaster. Combine with High Availability Replication and DRaaS to optimize your RPO, RTO and your budget.

Warm Site and DRaaS Services Overview

Storagepipe acts as your spare datacenter.

Storagepipe can provision emergency hosting capacity to run the most recently backed-up system images in case of disaster. Eliminate the cost and complexity that is involved with dedicated infrastructure.

Warm Site Recovery also supports the widest variety of platforms and operating systems including physical systems, virtual platforms like VMware as well as critical applications and platforms like your IBM AS400 / iSeries.

Experience the benefits of redundant Disaster Recovery infrastructure, without incurring the hefty price tag.

Budget-Friendly DRaaS

Unplanned outages can severely harm a business’s reputation, and potentially lead to lost clients, injured marketplace positioning, legal liability, and other cascading problems.

A Disaster Recovery site can help to mitigate the impact of those outages on production systems. Warm Site Recovery provides peace of mind that’s similar to emergency Hot Site Recovery, but with a significantly smaller price tag.

Storagepipe Warm Site DRaaS Diagram

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Complete Your Disaster Recovery Plan With Storagepipe’s Warm Site and DRaaS Services

  • Fast RTO and low RPO with many interval and recovery options
  • No maintenance, upgrades, or patching needed for secondary DR hardware
  • Customized and optimized solution fit to your business
  • Datacenters located in Canada, the USA and the UK
  • Provides access to iSeries environment in the event of a disaster
  • Eliminates need for DR hardware refresh; subscribe as you go for CPW and memory
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in
  • Secure, reliable and scalable