Enabling Cloud Mobility and Remote Workforces by Providing Endpoint Protection for Workstations and Mobile Devices

  • Cloud-enabled BaaS for desktops, laptops and other work devices
  • End-to-End Encryption and transfer through secure TLS/SSL
  • Protect complete systems or specific files and folders
  • Off-site backup enabling full and rapid disaster recovery
  • Scheduled backup of end-user workstations
  • Backup to local cache and sync when internet reconnects
  • Available SECaaS with Anti-Virus software to protect all endpoints
  • Choose your datacenter for offsite storage and colocation services
  • Protect systems and data by combining with Managed Anti-Virus, Managed Anti-Spam or Security as a Service (SECaaS)
  • Protect office and remote workers against malicious email by combining with advanced spam and phishing detection

Endpoint Protection From Start to Finish

Backup your computers, sync your files, and share anytime, anywhere – all in one complete and secure package.

Storagepipe data protection for endpoint systems and workstations combines the security and reliability of backup software with the synchronization, sharing and collaboration capabilities of a cloud storage solution.

Endpoint Protection Services Overview

For most businesses, digital information can be the most important asset that they own. That’s why a robust data protection strategy, including Data Backup, is absolutely essential to ensure that your employees, whether working remotely or from the office, can conduct business as usual.

It is increasingly important to empower your employees with a secure and convenient way to access and share files online using their desktop or mobile devices, and to communicate with colleagues and customers from anywhere and at any time.

Sync files between your workstation PC, Mac or mobile devices and provide your workforce with a complete solution for all of your data protection and cloud storage needs.

Endpoint Protection at a Glance

Storagepipe Endpoint Protection is the ultimate solution for protecting, managing and sharing your data in the cloud.

Endpoint Data Protection for Mac

Backup all of your critical Mac OS applications and data and never lose another document again.

  • The Mac solution is compatible with data sharing across PCs and mobile devices
  • Applicable to Microsoft 365 Suite installed on Mac desktops and laptops
  • Combine with DRaaS and data archiving for complete data storage, retention and protection

Protect Your Cloud App Data with Advanced Encryption and Privacy

At Storagepipe, we ensure your data privacy and protection with our government grade AES data encryption and encryption during transit, along with unique customer keys.

Our services enable you to select the location of the data center where an offsite backup is stored, giving you control and knowledge over your business data.

Your data remains completely private in the cloud – whether it’s from governments, cloud providers or threat actors.

Endpoint Cybersecurity

Combine Endpoint Backup and Endpoint Cybersecurity Services with Anti-Virus software to detect and protect against malware, and advanced Anti-Spam to proactively filter out malicious activity such as spear phishing campaigns or attachments seeded with ransomware.

Discover our range of Cybersecurity Services here.


Cloud-enabled BaaS for desktops, laptops and mobile work devices

  • Your data is completely private and secure in the cloud
  • Prevent malware with endpoint anti-virus and anti-spam
  • Selective file, directory and system search and restores
  • Improves cloud mobility with offline data backup caching
  • Government grade AES data encryption, encryption during transit, unique customer keys
  • Securely share files on the go with file sync between workstation and mobile devices