B2B Technology Selling


The Startup Success Podcast is the podcast for Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley. These 2 are successful speakers, authors and entrepreneurs, and they have built a reputation by interviewing thought leaders and successful tech CEOs.

Since Bob and Patrick both have their roots in the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) space, there was a lot for them and Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin to discuss, in terms of common interests.

As part of this interview, Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin discusses Storagepipe’s keys to success as a software vendor, and gives experience-based advice to other software startups, VARs, and B2B companies that are looking to attract customers and make more money from offering services, products or wholesale reseller offerings.

In this interview Steven emphasizes how Storagepipe’s success has been built on its customer-driven focus. Because Storagepipe has a high focus on customer service, valuable customer feedback is then put back into the company. Feedback from customers is used to guide product roadmaps, identify areas for growth, and dictate how the company will position itself in the future.

There is a unique opportunity in the B2B software space, where small and mid-sized companies have difficulty in finding the kind of VIP treatment from technology vendors that larger enterprises would receive. By providing this high levels of attentive service to SMBs, Storagepipe is able to retain customers longer, generate word-of-mouth, and gain valuable insights that help the company become more profitable.

It might sound like a tired cliché, but the secret to success as a B2B software vendor really is all about putting the customer first and providing excellent customer service.

To learn more about B2B Technology selling, watch this video.

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