Air-Gap Backups


Let’s talk about Air-Gap backups. But first, imagine the following scenario:

  • You’re the IT administrator for your company.
  • To eliminate human error and physical media failure, you’ve implemented a fully-automated network backup solution that creates redundant backup copies across multiple physical sites.
  • You’re following the greater part of the best practices. In any case, at that point something terrible happens.
  • One of your trusted internal systems gets hacked, and this system becomes a gateway for the hacker to install malware on all of your production servers. You log in to assess the situation but are met with a ransom note stating that you must pay $10,000 in Bitcoin to decrypt your files.
  • You check your other copies but find that your backup servers have also been compromised. Despite your best backup plans, all of your data is gone.
  • Reluctantly, you pay the fine. But instead of the decryption key, the blackmailers now demand another $50,000. What would you do?

Ransomware has become a nightmarish epidemic that’s wreaking havoc on the IT industry.

Today’s ransomware attacks have evolved in sophistication to become incredibly aggressive, destructive and resilient. Worst of all, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a practical and anonymous means for criminals to extort money from helpless victims.

How can you protect yourself? One solution might be to augment your existing backup and disaster recovery plan with additional precautionary Air-Gap backup copies.

With Air-Gap backups, copies of your data are kept completely isolated… physically disconnected from any networks. Thusly, they’re protected from even the most forceful hackers.

Of course, as you adapt your tactics to threats, the threats will continue adapting to your tactics. It’s a constant war to protect your company’s most valuable assets.

That’s why you need to surround yourself with the most highly-trained, well-equipped and experienced experts you can find. By allowing Storagepipe to assist in your backup and disaster recovery plan, you’ll have more peace of mind when facing potential future ransomware attacks.

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