Storagepipe Online Backup Now Supports 64-Bit Windows, Also Available Through Channel Partner Program


As a leader in high-performance data protection, Storagepipe Solutions has announced the new release of their online backup service with support for 64-bit Windows systems.

64-bit computing offers a number of significant advantages:

  • For video-editing and other resource-intensive applications, 64-bit systems allow for faster and more efficient processing.
  • And for business servers, 64-bit technology can support more RAM memory, while using this memory more efficiently.
  • This also improves overall performance since data stored RAM can be accessed several thousand times faster than data stored on disk.

That’s why Storagepipe has been hard at work testing their latest version of CDP Online Backup, designed for 64-bit Windows systems. The new software will be officially released to the public on June 1st, 2010.

According to Storagepipe president Steven Rodin:

“Given the incredible performance advantages offered by 64-bit processing, it’s inevitable that business will be moving quickly to leverage this technology to their advantage. And we believe that software providers should be proactive in helping them make the most of these performance improvements.”

The new 64-bit release of Storagepipe’s CDP will also be made available through Storagepipe’s Channel Partners, as part of their white-label Online Backup Partner Program.

“A lot of partners have been asking for this 64-bit Windows support. This will certainly open up exciting new markets for VARs, ISVs and other Channel partners in the B2B space… and give them a significant technological advantage over other competitors.” says Rodin.

Storagepipe’s CDP online backup offers continuous data protection with advanced encryption and a robust back-end infrastructure. It’s the perfect premium online backup service for small-businesses concerned about getting only the best data protection.

Other business continuity and data protection services offered by Storagepipe include high-availability, online backup and email archiving.

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