Backup and Disaster Recovery for MS Exchange ans MS SQL (DRaaS)


This clip is from a recent interview with Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin, about Storagepipe’s approach to protecting heterogeneous IT environments.

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Okay. So from a mission critical data perspective, like Microsoft Exchange or SQL & Oracle data, does your appliances also capture that data and you can recover, I guess, you would say “Hot”?


Yeah, absolutely.

So when we implement our solutions. And you’ve seen on our website, you mentioned our Veeam DR solution… and we also have our FastBack DR solution. FastBack is based on IBM Tivoli technology, and Veeam DRaaS is based on Veeam technology — Veeam DR.

Both of those solutions utilize a similar approach where we’ll implement a Windows server, with the software on the system, and our monitoring and management software on there, so that we can manage all of the policies and manage the servers. And then, it’ll also enable the customer to manage their own backups, if they want to, through that appliance.

The software enables us to change policies for multiple servers through the centralized location — through the centralized UI.

And then we can also do things like recoveries. So we FastBack DR, as an example, you can do full bare metal recovery of both physical and virtual machines. So you can recover. You can get all of your data back, whether it’s file data or whether it’s full operating system down to bare metal.

Similarly, on Veeam DR, you can recover an entire virtual machine. You can recover right down to the layer of the files, or to the application layer. So whether it’s a database, whether it’s an Exchange server, you can recover the entire thing — both the servers and the applications. And even more granularly, down to things like Exchange, recover at — with both solutions — the mail box level or the individual item level. Whether you want to recover an individual email, or an individual contact, for example, as a part of Microsoft Exchange.

You can do that through both of those solutions, locally off the appliance. Or if, for some reason, the whole environment has a disaster, all that data is replicated off-site so that we can recover those entire systems from our remote DR sites as well.

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