Backup For Heterogeneous IT Environments


This clip is from a recent interview with Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin, about Storagepipe’s approach to protecting heterogeneous IT environments.

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So I see the theme often that backup is broken. Right? I know EMC did a big piece and component of backup being broken. And also looking on your website I see a blog article or news article about backup being broken. So can you tell us, from a Storagepipe perspective, how would you fix backup?


It’s interesting. The components of backup — I mean there are a number of different elements of it, and the challenge is you’ve got very fast-growing information — you’ve got a variety of platforms that are out there. And when we talk to customers about their backup needs and how we’re going to implement a solution for them, it really comes down to matching the right technology and expertise to the need.

We don’t try to shoehorn a customer into one only — a single platform or a single solution for everything. We have a number of customers that have mixed environments that I kind of alluded to earlier, with different kinds of technology. So we try and make sure that we’re matching the right solution to the right problem. And that’s one of the big ways you can get around this if you have backup being broken because I think too many companies try to implement a backup solution and try to use something that’s not necessarily for that purpose or that kind of system.

I do think that we’ve seen, with the Virtualization growth that a number of the backup technologies have improved in these areas, as we touched on with Veeam. For example, in being able to tackle the challenges of virtualization because that’s certainly one of the things that’s very challenging about backing up today is that you’ve got proliferation of virtual machines and being able to back up a number of them, and being able to take advantage of things like deduplication as part of that?

And, for example, on our appliances we can deduplicate and save space and save capability for that so you’re not ending up in a situation where the growth in data, the growth of the number of virtual machines, is impacting as much on the amount of data that you actually have to protect and send off site.

So we’ve seen a couple different options for how to improve the backup scenarios, and ones where we’ve been able to get over the hurdles of backup being broken for many companies.

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