Backup is Broken. Here’s how we fix it.


Hey you. Yes. You. Let’s have a talk. Your backup is broken, and we need to fix it.

You see… Backup is like a diet. When we get a new computer, we’ll enthusiastically buy an external hard drive and copy our files. But after that, most of us fall out of the backup habit.

Don’t feel bad. It’s ok. We all do it.

And these external hard drives are usually kept in your own house… or inside of your laptop bag… close to your computer for convenience.

Am I right? Yeah. I thought so.

What happens if a serious disaster — like a fire or flood — destroyed your computer? Would it also destroy your backup drive?

Are you 100% sure that you haven’t made any mistakes in backing up. Will you be able to recover your files when you need them?

These are important things to consider. Even professional IT administrators have trouble with this!

Did you know that human error and hard drive failures are 2 of the leading causes of critical data loss?

Over time, your external drive will eventually wear out or break. Do you have a secondary copy of your backups in case this happens?

And what about your privacy?

When you see hard drives for sale in the stores, they’re usually kept behind a glass cabinet, or they have big security locks on them. You know why? Because people STEAL them!

What if someone broke into your home and stole your computer? Would they also steal the only backup copy of your data?

And what will the thieves do with your personal, medical and financial information? How would this affect your life?

And let’s talk about how you share files with friends and coworkers.

If you’ve ever tried emailing a big file, you know what a pain this can be. Instead, people will just use any grungy old USB stick they can find to share files.

That’s just gross! Do you want viruses? Because THAT’S how you get viruses!

But there is a way to stay out of the “danger zone”.

First… Let me ask you… What if there was a better way?

What if… external hard drives and USB sticks were obsolete technology?

What if… there was a better way to keep your data safe?

What if… your backups could just happen automatically in the background so you could never forget?

What if your backups were kept in a far-away secure facility where they’d be safe from even the most severe disasters?

What if your data could just magically follow you everywhere you go, and you could access or share your files from any smartphone, tablet or computer?

And most importantly, what if it was all easy, effortless, and backed by incredible support?

Welcome to the new Storagepipe. Backup and Sync in one simple, automated application that keeps your files securely protected.

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