The Billionaire’s Doctor – A Backup and Disaster Recovery Riddle



What if you were a billionaire? What if you had virtually unlimited wealth, and you could have anything you desire, immediately, without having to consider the cost?

What if you had a custom-made car, custom-tailored clothes, and a custom-built house? What if you had a personal butler, a personal housekeeping team, a personal driver, and a personal chef? Wouldn’t that be great?

But what about your health? If you were a billionaire, would you have a personal doctor? If you could have a dedicated health professional that exclusively looked after your own well-being on a 24/7 basis, would you do it? Or would you continue to visit the same community doctors and walk-in clinics that everyone else uses?

This idea sounds great in theory. But the reality is that relying on a community doctor would be far superior to having your own exclusive personal healthcare provider. When you visit a community doctor, you are benefiting from the fact that they are treating many other patients.

When you come to them with a health concern, they have years of experience with different patients. They’ve seen it all, and they cure different patients with diverse illnesses, every single day.

And you benefit from this experience in a way that would not be possible through a dedicated personal doctor. Although a personal doctor might “feel” like the superior option, the community doctor is still objectively better.

Backup and disaster recovery are very similar.

Most IT professionals enjoy the control that comes from a self-managed, in-house backup or disaster recovery solution. Managing your own backup processes might “feel” better. However, unless you test your backups every day — for every possible disaster scenario — you might not be confident or prepared when a real disaster takes place.

But the reality is that delegating backup and disaster recovery to a dedicated business continuity and data protection specialist is far superior. These dedicated professionals perform real-world recovery drills every day, and have the experience to calmly and confidently provide fast, consistent, error-free recovery for just about any situation that you can imagine.

In the same way that you benefit from having your doctor treat other patients, your company benefits from having your backup provider serve other customers. This level of competency and experience would be very difficult to duplicate with an in-house implementation.

In other words, outsourcing can provide you with complete protection and total peace of mind.

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