Black Swan Disaster Recovery


The term “Black Swan” dates back to the first century A.D. Originally. The term was ordinarily used to show an event that was exceptionally improbable.

For example:

  • “I’ll see a Black Swan before you ever beat me at chess.”
  • “An honest politician is like a Black Swan.”

And then, in 1697, something incredible happened. The Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh travelled to Australia, where he discovered a species of black swans!

Since then, the importance of the expression has changed to depict a type of logical fallacy. The fact that you’ve never seen something before is no indication that it won’t occur in the future.

Likewise, the fact that you’ve planned for every likely disaster recovery scenario is no indication that you’ve designed for every possible threat. In fact, the most serious data breaches and data loss scenarios are often the results of unanticipated events or perfect storms.

So how do you prepare for Black Swans in your data protection strategy? Black swan disaster recovery.

One way is through specialization. Delegate all of your backup, information compliance and disaster recovery tasks to a team of dedicated specialists with years of experience in this field. Ensure these experts have the best training, the best infrastructure, and the best tools at their disposal.

As specialists, they learn from each disaster recovery incident and become more prepared by learning from each new disaster they encounter. These experts have seen it all, and nothing surprises them.

In spite of the fact that there is no 100% guaranteed way to anticipate all possible Black Swan disasters, putting your recovery plan in the hands of a specialist like Storagepipe is the best way to get peace of mind for your data protection.

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