Canada Day Viral Video (National Anthem on Disk Drives)


This short patriotic video was presented as part of our Canada Day mailer in 2012. Since then, it’s been a recurring feature in our newsletters, and has gained popularity through social networks.

This video was created using an array of 8 old 3.5” floppy drives that were pulled from obsolete desktops. These drives were hooked up into an Arduino board, which was then programmed to play “Oh Canada”, the Canadian National Anthem.

The iPod was also set to play a short slide show in coordination with the music, which shows a Canadian flag followed by Storagepipe’s corporate logo.

This was shot as part of a “Canadian Backup” campaign, which targeted Canadian organizations with special requirements when it came to things such as PIPEDA compliance, geographic storage location requirements, or other special Canada-specific privacy requirements.

If you enjoy this patriotic Canada Day video, we’d encourage you to share it with friends, or through social networks. And if you’d like to leverage the power of the cloud for backup, while keeping your data on Canadian soil, please contact Storagepipe for more information.

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