Storagepipe Launches New CDP Online Backup Service with Improved Speed, Efficiency and Customization


Storagepipe has announced the latest edition of their popular CDP online backup software and industry-leading Service Provider Platform for white label partners. These solutions have been re-designed and enhanced to ensure the most optimized performance, cutting-edge innovation, and in-demand features.

Storagepipe’s new CDP release offers a truly comprehensive cloud storage suite, including continuous and scheduled backup, server protection, synchronization & file sharing, and multi-device cloud storage — all through a single service. And these services are all backed by premium infrastructure, zealous support, and extensive encryption & security.

The new CDP is also designed to elegantly solve next-generation challenges that come from the increasing trends towards teleworking, mobile computing and fragmented office environments.

File Synchronization and Backup In One Integrated Solution

Storagepipe CDP provides automatic synchronization of local files to the cloud and across multiple (Mobile, PC and MAC) devices. Users can also upload files for offline storage without keeping a local copy, infinitely increasing available capacity. By unifying online backup with synchronization, remote storage and file sharing, Storagepipe provides a truly complete cloud storage solution.

Simplified Management

Storagepipe CDP online backup runs as a service, allowing for fully-automated laptop, desktop, and server backups. Businesses can conveniently centralize the protection of their end-point systems and servers, through a single service.IT administrators can manage, monitor, organize and control all of their users and user groups through a centralized management portal. Users can also access their files and manage their own accounts through their self-service portal.

Premium Infrastructure

Storagepipe CDP is built atop of a premium backup architecture. Multi-threaded, encrypted, block-level backups happen incrementally and faster for any end-point device.

User data is client-side encrypted using strong AES-256 encryption, and transferred using a secure TLS connection for an added layer of security. Data remains encrypted while at rest on Storagepipe servers. For maximum resiliency, Storagepipe maintains multiple redundant copies of uploaded data, with the primary copy being kept on fast, resilient RAID disk architecture.

Most In-Demand Features

The new Storagepipe CDP incorporates some of the most requested user features, which are currently lacking in the marketplace.

  • In order to prevent accidental deletion, Storagepipe CDP retains deleted files in backups permanently or until they are manually purged.
  • For faster backup speeds, the new Storagepipe CDP offers multi-threaded, encrypted block-level transfers.
  • There are no limits on file types, locations or size which can be backed up.

Professional-Grade Support

All Storagepipe services are backed by live, North American phone support from highly trained technical staff, with up-to-date industry certifications. 24/7 emergency support is available for fast resolution of critical business server outages and other data disasters.

White Label Branding

White label resellers now have even more features, flexibility and functionality for both the back-end web portal and the end-point software. This delivers a truly unique and personalized white label cloud storage experience when offering these premium backup & synchronization services to end-users.

About Storagepipe:

Storagepipe has been a leading full-service provider of off-site backup and disaster recovery services for over 14 years. Storagepipe’s portfolio of online backup, business continuity, archiving and disaster recovery services are available either directly or through Storagepipe’s broad network of white label and wholesale partners. For more information, visit

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