White Label Online Backup, Cloud Storage and Sync Reseller Program


This video follows the story of Charles, who has a successful and growing IT consulting business. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, he’s always looking to offer leading-edge premium solutions that provide the features and capabilities that his clients demand.

Of course, there are limits to how much a small business like this can grow while operating as a service. In order to grow quickly, it’s best for his business to start adopting more of a product-oriented business model. This way, he can grow sales at a faster pace without bringing on more staff; as he would when growing a services company.

Selling digital products is an ideal way to do business. Unlike selling services, he can take on many new customers without taking on more time-consuming tasks. And unlike selling physical products, he does not require heavy investments or inventory risk.

Reselling on-line backup is a low-risk, high-yield way to grow a business through the sale of high-margin premium digital products. Reselling on-line backup is the ideal way for someone like Charles to make more money from his existing client base while also attracting new customers.

Through his white-label online backup reseller offering, Charles is able to create automated revenue streams that help him provide more value to clients without working more hours. And best of all, on-line backup sales represent automated recurring revenue. Another advantage of reselling a white-label backup offering is that there is no need to pay developers to create the service, and there is no up-front investment in datacenter infrastructure. All of the software, support and infrastructure are provided to the reseller on a pay-as-you-go basis.

If your company is interested in releasing its own custom-branded, premium on-line storage services — including on-line backup, cloud drives, or synchronization services — please contact Storagepipe today for more information on how we can help with White Label online backup.

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