How Veeam Fits Into Your Overall Data Protection Plan


This presentation was recorded at VeeamOn 2015, as part of their vBrownBag sessions. Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin was invited to speak about Storagepipe’s recent success with Veeam Cloud Connect, Veeam DR, and their contributions to the community as a Veeam Gold Partner.

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Hi. I’m Steven Rodin and I’m from Storagepipe. We are a Veeam Gold Partner, and we are really excited to be presenting here at VeeamOn. We look forward to seeing you by our booth at 508. I’m gonna be talking today about how Veeam fits into an overall data protection plan. Now, Storagepipe has been a leader in online data protection since 2001, and we’ve got U.S, Canadian and international data centers. We’ve been growing steadily, with a number of partners and directly with our channels.

We are excited to be here, looking for new partners, looking for new relationships and people we can work with. We’ve focused on a number of service areas, covering a broad range of data protection requirements. We cover it all the way from your laptops and desktops… all the way up to your enterprise class applications… including virtualization and physical hardware and applications. We cover all of this through five primary areas, including online backup and recovery, cloud storage, synchronization, virtual protection, business continuity, high availability and data archiving.

Within that area, we incorporate Veeam into our solutions and how we work with our customers & partners. What we like to focus on, with customers, is what they should look for initially in establishing their business needs at first. Then, we work on establishing a clear inventory of systems that they need to protect… making sure that we cover off all of the regulatory requirements and compliance requirements that they have.


We like to make sure that we’ve determined that up front. Because then, we can look at all the systems… look at all the requirements… and make a solid recommendation for how things fit together.


That work matches up with what we deliver, in terms of technology solutions and the services that we provide. Because we have the widest application database and systems support in the industry, we cover everything – whether it’s from windows, mac, all the Unix, Linux, iSeries —for over a hundred platforms, as well as many of the different application platforms and hypervisors.


So that’s VMware Hyper-V. And we work extensively with Veeam around our Veeam DR and Veeam Cloud Connect solutions for virtualization.


That’s where we’ve really been finding tons of opportunity, and tons of partners to work with around these various applications and systems.


With our own products, we have off-site backup and sync. We protect laptops, desktops and end points… being able to synchronize those across the cloud.


If you have multiple desktops, you can synchronize your data and replicate that data across multiple machines, and share that amongst your friends and colleagues as well.


That solution has been well-received by our small business customers, our consumer customers, and many different businesses that have distributed laptops and desktops throughout their companies. You can access that solution from anywhere — on any browser, through any device, and through any application. You’ve got access to your files, access to your backups, and really exciting opportunities to leverage this for your business partners.


So we are excited to partner with this. We have a number of partners in both the telecommunications and managed services industries that work with us around our endpoint backup and sync application.

Now as I mentioned, we are also a Veeam Gold partner.

We are really excited about it, because we have extended our relationship with Veeam through Cloud Connect and our Veeam DR solution where we deploy Veeam in an appliance model… where we include all the hardware, all the software, all the monitoring and the disaster recovery that you need in one solution from one provider.

Through our channel providers, we’ve also delivered this to an extensive number of other users. We are particularly excited about what we have done here, and we want to show the world what we are capable of – in terms of delivering Veeam in an appliance model. We’re also launching here – at the show – our Veeam Cloud Connect solution, where you can buy Veeam Cloud Connect through our website. Storagepipe Veeam DR was built with virtualization and business continuity in mind.

We support all the various operating systems and platforms through VMWare ware and Hyper-V, and we provide enterprise scalability, business continuity and integration with our Cloud Connect back-end. The Cloud Connect solution, as I mentioned; now you can buy through — Get online and purchase with your credit card, making it extremely easy to get started with Cloud Connect. It’s a one-click process to get going, once you’ve already done the purchase. So it’s really terrific.

Check it out. Come by our booth, and we are going to show you how Cloud Connect works, and how Storagepipe’s Cloud Connect is so easy to buy and get set up.

Now beyond what Veeam offers in the native application, Storagepipe has extended the services to add additional things onto the Veeam DR and Veeam Cloud Connect Solutions. We’ve got a number of extended services and features, whether that’s long term archiving for extended policies of retention and compliance — things like worm archiving (Write Once Read Many archiving), WAN acceleration capabilities, bandwidth throttling and IO control, extensive monitoring and reporting for your systems through our web portals, and an integrated web portal for multiple platforms where you can get access to your Veeam applications as well as your other applications through our platform.

We also have warm site and hot site business continuity options available for Veeam customers with us. That’s where it comes from — whatever your requirements are for recovery, we can deal with them — whether that’s full replication and immediate failover or it’s a warm site option where you are happy to failover and have within 48, 24 or 8 hours depending on your requirements.

We’ve got extensive infrastructure and processes that support this whole program. We’ve got a world-class online storage infrastructure and systems that support that. As I mentioned, the Veeam Cloud Connect — we now have automated purchasing and provisioning and we’ve enabled a click-to-buy marketplace for everyone who wants to set up Veeam and have it going right away.

Our state of the art storage facilities, across our multiple data centers, give us a lot of flexibility in terms of delivering a multi-tenant online storage architecture that is second to none. Ultimately, it comes down to Storagepipe delivering comprehensive solutions for our partners and our customers. We’ve delivered a local and off site solution through our appliance-based model, our fully automated purchasing capability, and the widest application database support across the industry.

So whether you are fully virtualized or partially virtualized, have remote laptops and desktops, or have remote offices — we can cover your requirements.

And when it comes to virtual recovery and disaster recovery, we’ve got some extensive Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service options – for high availability and business continuity -available to you on a pay as you go basis, including all the hardware and the software that you need to get started. So what we offer is peace of mind, when you really need it… and that’s how we deliver.

And that’s how we believe how we will go to market.

So I encourage you to come to our booth, number 508. Talk to us about partnering with us. Talk about our solutions. And really, get excited about Veeam DR and in Cloud Connect with Storagepipe. Thank you.

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