Differentiating From Other Managed Service Providers


Of course, it’s easy to say that backup is a very competitive market. According to some reports, the number of companies offering online backup services is well above 5000.  So how can Managed Service Providers differentiate themselves and remain competitive in such a saturated and fragmented marketplace?

One major point of differentiation is the fact that Storagepipe has been in business since 2001. As an early mover, Storagepipe cemented its reputation as a leader and pioneer from early on.

Storagepipe was one of the first companies to offer backup as a web-based service. And since that time, the Managed Service Providers market has been flooded with competitors, with much of this activity around commodity services that compete on price at the expense of quality. Instead of following this trend, Storagepipe has chosen to maintain high-quality services for customers with serious data protection needs.

When it comes to something as important as the integrity, security and availability of your company’s most valuable digital assets, Storagepipe realizes cutting corners will end up costing more money than you save. When you back up with Storagepipe, you know that your data is in good hands.

Another important point of differentiation is Storagepipe’s depth of services. Although Storagepipe originally began offering online backup in 2001, Storagepipe has since grown to offer a truly comprehensive suite of data protection solutions. And all of these solutions — from data protection and compliance to recovery and high availability — are available to SMB customers through a single source provider.

Because there is no need to manage and coordinate many different vendors for all of a client’s data protection requirements, clients get peace of mind and free up more time to focus on what’s important to their business.

Finally, Storagepipe differentiates itself in its strong relationships with IBM, Veeam and other best-of-breed technology providers. This helps ensure that enterprise-quality data protection solutions are made available to SMBs at a reasonable price in an as-a-Service model.

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