Disaster Recovery and Backup are like a Free Puppy


When I was a young boy, I saw a sign on our street that said “free puppies”, with an adorable picture. Excited, I went to see my father and said “daddy daddy”, the puppies are free. Can I have one, pleeeease?

My father reminded me that a puppy is a lot of responsibility. It’s not the cost of the puppy that matters. I also have to factor in things like food, vet bills, and the time and effort I would spend raising this pet.

This reminds me a lot of the current trend towards the commoditization of IT.

At an accelerating pace, business technology is becoming more accessible. And although this has done a great deal to make sophisticated IT systems easier to implement and manage, this convenience also brings its own challenges.

Today, many best-of-breed disaster recovery and backup solutions are inexpensive and contain exciting, powerful and easy-to-use features. But you can’t just think of software licenses when evaluating disaster recovery solutions. You also have to factor in things like hardware, datacenter space, professional services, capital expenditures, vendor lock-in, lost productivity, security issues, and management overhead.

When you take all of the costs and hassles into consideration, the total cost of implementing and managing your own disaster recovery system can be much higher than the price of the price.

Also, the free puppy might be lacking some essential capabilities. Maybe it’s too friendly to guard your house, or maybe it can’t catch a frisbee. This is time and effort that you’ll need to invest in training.

Likewise, as your needs evolve, you’ll often find that there are some capabilities lacking in your DR plan. You’ll need to invest heavily in upgrades and training.

Do-it-yourself disaster recovery is a bit like a free puppy. It comes with lots of responsibility. If you’d like more peace of mind around your data protection, consider working with a backup and disaster recovery provider that can take on all of these responsibilities for you while providing you with all the benefits.

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