Who is Grace Hopper?


Ivy league PhD graduate. Mathematician. High ranking, decorated Naval officer. Software Developer. Computer Programmer.

She was a mathematician, decorated Naval officer, software pioneer and PhD graduate from an Ivy League school.

These are just a few of the many accolades bestowed upon Admiral Grace Murray Hopper throughout her long and fruitful 60 year career. Not only was Hopper an instrumental player in the early days of computing, but she was also an important contributor to many other fields of science.

She was born in New York City, and earned her PhD in mathematics from Yale by the time she’d turned 28 years of age. She’d also helped design the first nuclear bomb, and constructed some of the first computers. And, of course, she is probably best known for having invented the COBOL language, and the concept of “debugging” computer programs.

Without the important contributions that were made by Hopper, none of the work that we do here at Storagepipe would be possible. That’s why we’ve created the educational infographic which outlines only a few of her greatest achievements.

Grace Hopper

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