Happy Holidays 2012


Due to the nature of our business, Storagepipe is very sensitive to issues having to do with disaster preparedness, disaster response, and the effects of disasters on those who are unprepared or who simply do not have the financial means to adequately prepare themselves.

That’s why we make annual charitable contributions to organizations that assist and provide much needed aid to those affected by major disasters. One organization that we’ve worked with many times over the years has been Disaster Aid Canada.

Disaster Aid Canada is an innovative charity that provides humanitarian packages to those in need.  Storagepipe sponsors a number of Disaster Aid Family Survival Packs, which can be quickly deployed in response to conflicts, natural disasters or other catastrophic events. These kits also come with the support of trained and experienced disaster response experts to help restore quality of life to people in these affected areas.

Survival Packs sponsored by Storagepipe have been deployed to numerous areas, including Myanmar, Sudan, and the Philippines.

In this video, Disaster Aid Canada sends out a special thank you message to Storagepipe, our staff and our customers for our continued support to their cause.

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