Happy Holidays 2015 From Storagepipe



Hi everybody! It’s me, Steven Rodin, CEO of Storagepipe.

Here I am, inside one of our datacenters. It’s loud. It’s cold. And it’s a bit windy. Isn’t it great?!

Today, I’ve got a quick quiz for you. 3 Questions.

Do you know what the most critical sales season for most businesses is? Yeah. It’s the holidays!

And do you know what’s the most costly and inconvenient time to have unplanned downtime or lose your data? Yeah, it’s also the holidays!

And number 3. This is a tough one. You’ll never guess. Do you know the most common time for most businesses to have problems and have data loss and system outages? Well it also happens to be over the holidays!

Listen… This is where I’m at home.

But for many of you who are not as passionate about off-site backup and disaster recovery like I am, you would probably rather spend time with friends and family.

That’s cool. To each his own.

But this holiday season, while you’re out celebrating and making time for your friends and family, rest assured that all of us here at Storagepipe will be passionately guarding your data, and helping you eliminate downtime.

And once again for the holidays, we’ll be making a donation to Disaster Aid Canada, so that victims of natural disasters all around the world can get the emergency support they need.

Thank you, and have a safe & happy holidays… from myself, and everyone here at Storagepipe.

Take care.

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