Happy Holidays from Storagepipe


Hello friends,

As 2020 draws to a close, Storagepipe wants to thank our customers, partners and supporters for working alongside us during this remarkable and challenging year to continue to protect your businesses and organizations with reliable data loss prevention solutions, technology and strategies.

As the pandemic introduced a global health disaster unseen in scale since the early 20th century, Storagepipe responded to urgent requests for help from customers old and new alike as they fought to keep their lights on.

Fortunately, responding to disaster is what we do best.

From enabling businesses to rapidly adopt remote collaboration technologies like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint with confidence, to safeguarding communications through Managed Anti-Spam for email continuity and integrity, to providing Managed Firewalls for a sudden influx of workers connecting from home, and as always, backing up your valuable data and helping you to recover when emergencies strike, Storagepipe has been at our customers’ sides every step of the way.

Storagepipe is proud of every business that we’ve helped to stay connected and protected – our customers are resilient, hardworking, and innovative in the face of, as the saying now infamously goes, “unprecedented times.”

Thank you for your trust in us. It has been an honour to have been a part of your success in 2020.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2021!

The Storagepipe Team

Storagepipe to the Rescue

Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Heroes

Storagepipe is a trusted global DRaaS provider of comprehensive Cloud, Data Protection and Cybersecurity services and can help to provide guidance as you work through your SMB or enterprise DR planning process.

Since 2001, Storagepipe has provided these robust and secure Managed Cloud and Disaster Recovery solutions from a scalable multi-tenant infrastructure, supported by our first-class in-house technical team. Storagepipe delivers highly flexible and responsive solutions with outstanding value and service, using state-of-the-art technology to offer ultimate protection and peace of mind. Storagepipe is an accredited Microsoft Office Level 1 backup and DRaaS provider.

We are driven to be your trusted partner and to ensure that we deliver a Storagepipe Experience that meets your business requirements with the reliability, scalability and support that your business demands.

Contact us today to discover your options around partnering with us to provide your customers with data loss prevention solutions and rapid ransomware recovery with services such as Cloud to Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, email archiving, and Storagepipe DR services. Regardless of internal user error, ransomware attacks, or when a health disaster strikes, ensure your business continuity by meeting your operational demands while protecting and recovering your most valuable asset – your data.

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