History of Storagepipe: The Early Days


People will often ask how Storagepipe came to be, and how we chose data protection as an area of speciality.

Storagepipe has been providing premium disaster recovery, business continuity and data protection since 2001. We’ve been offering online backup services since before the term “online backup” came into popular use. Back then, the industry referred to these kinds of services as “Managed Backup”, and Storagepipe was a pioneer in this area.

The business initially arose out of the VAR (Value Added Reseller) community, where many consultants and VARs had noticed that clients had been facing special challenges when it came to data growth and backup. Clients became over-burdened by existing backup methodologies, and were looking for something that was more secure, more cost-effective and easier to manage.

The conventional process (manually backing up tapes and shipping them to a special facility so that they could be stored) had increasingly become more error-prone and costly. The idea of having software available as a service instead of a product really appealed to business owners.

Now, they could pay only for what they were using on a monthly basis instead of sinking significant investments into software and infrastructure.

Over the years, a number of external trends have emerged to make these kinds of services more attractive. Most notably, increase in cheap bandwidth and the reliability of public networks has made online backup a very attractive option for business data protection.

Since then, Storagepipe has also expanded its offerings to include back-up, disaster recovery, business continuity, high availability, archiving, sync, cloud drives and more. In addition to selling direct to businesses and consumers, Storagepipe has also expanded its partner program to include a white-label reseller option for consumer cloud storage offerings, as well as a wholesale reseller option for enterprise and SMB offerings.

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