This Holiday Season Don’t Let The Backup Grinch Steal Your Time


As we approach the holiday season, no one wants to be recovering data when they should be spending precious time with family and friends. Unfortunately, IT departments are too often required to respond to emergencies during the holidays because of the 24/7 nature of modern business. Customers and prospects continue to interact with businesses online, even when the brick and mortar doors are closed.

This powerful, always on business strategy requires an equally powerful backup plan. Thankfully, while businesses and their IT departments no longer operate on a nine-to-five basis, neither does the support to help them through the holidays. Client interaction and client support happen more instantaneously than ever before, with 24/7 accessibility.

Is your business prepared for disaster this holiday season?

What Is Your Data Loss Plan?

Data loss can occur in several ways. A device can be lost or stolen. Hardware can fail or become corrupted. A simple click can introduce ransomware into networks and cause widespread, crippling infection. Malicious hackers love the winter holiday season – they know that in-house IT hours are reduced, and businesses have their guard down.

In seconds, tons of valuable data can be locked down or obliterated. All that is left is a business clambering to repair their relationships with clients and vendors, while spending large amounts of money and time trying to get things back up and running. A small error can create a calamity that requires all hands on deck, and that some businesses can never fully recover from.

You must ask yourself: if your company were caught in a similar scenario during the holidays, do you have a disaster recovery plan in place to quickly respond and get back to business? Would you be able to recover, or would your operations grind to a halt?

Disaster Recovery to the Rescue

It is possible to keep things running smoothly even when trouble arises. The DRaaS advantage lies in its ability to provide complete and rapid cloud recovery services. These services range from site and transactional restoration, to full data center recovery and failovers.

Because DRaaS is cloud-based, you won’t need to make a heavy upfront investment in a data center, servers, or software licenses to get your own remote backup and DRaaS solution. DRaaS additionally benefits enterprises by replacing huge capital expenditures with more manageable operational expenditures, making DR accessible to and affordable for any size organization.

For more information and insights, read our Disaster Recovery Guide now to learn what you need to be prepared.

Storagepipe Will Save Your Holiday Season!

Whether it’s a data breach, a power outage, a hard drive failure, or a storm or other disaster – restoring your service in the case of a disaster should be a paramount concern for any organization and requires a thorough Disaster Recovery Plan.

Data backup and security is important all-year round. If you’re lucky enough to be a Storagepipe client already, you can rest assured that your data is safe with our secure Backup and Disaster Recovery Services.

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