The Horrors of Not Having a Disaster Recovery Strategy


It’s Nightmare on Server Street

90% of attacked companies suffer unplanned downtime at an average cost of $1.55 million USD each year. Are you prepared with a disaster recovery strategy in case a disaster strikes?

A common story that we hear every day is that a business is ransomed and their on-premise servers get badly rooted, often even encrypting all of the backups.  An increasingly scary scenario is that the attackers demand Bitcoin worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for the unreliable promise of a decryption key and restored data.

Prevention and Recovery Plans Foil Attackers

For each organization the question often is, do you risk losing the information forever?

Some pay the ransom and hope for the best despite the risk that the decryption won’t work, while others rely on their data disaster recovery plan and decide not to pay the money. Instead, they use a clean backup to restore their operations, and foil their attackers’ nefarious plans thanks to better planning and preparations of their own.

A data disaster recovery and continuity plan can help you recover from an otherwise crippling ransomware attack. With Storagepipe backup and data disaster recovery services, one simple phone call gets you back in business within minutes. Check out our DRaaS Buyer’s Guide here!

Dawn of the Human Error

Uptime Institute has cited that 70% of data center outages can be attributed to human error.

The 2016 Delta Airlines data center outage is reported to have cost them $150 Million USD.

Part of the reason for the long delay (3 days) that they experienced before they were able to resume service is that a significant part of their IT infrastructure was not connected to a backup power source.

Human error is a big threat to business continuity. What is your plan to keep the internal threat at bay?

Get Your Halloween Disaster Recovery Plan Treat

There are no tricks here! Read our Disaster Recovery Strategy Guide now to learn what you need to be prepared.

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