How Online Backup Improves Overall Quality Of Life


Many people under-estimate how stressful life can be for technology workers.

Because the systems that they manage have such a large impact on the rest of the company, IT administrators must often work early, late and on weekends to complete deployments and perform necessary maintenance.

And when things go wrong, IT administrators must be on-call 24/7 to fix any unexpected problems, or to perform emergency recoveries.

Today’s IT administrators are often “on-call”, much like a doctor. And this kind of lifestyle can have negative effects on the personal, social and family lives of these IT workers.

Of all the responsibilities on an IT administrator’s plate, backup is — by far — the most stressful and intrusive. Backup administrators must stay late every day to switch tapes and ship them off for storage. And when backups fail, this could mean weekend visits to fix potential issues.

Automating backups to a cloud provider can help eliminate much of this stress and work. By outsourcing all activities associated with backup and disaster recovery, IT administrators can leave work early and free up more time for the more important things — such as family, friends and personal growth.

In addition to personal convenience, outsourcing backups can also provide a number of strategic benefits for companies by taking IT time away from low-value activities so that more time can be allocated to activities that drive business growth.

For more information on how off-site backup can contribute to improved quality-of-life and optimized productivity, have a look at this short video on how online backup works.

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