Infographic Viral Video Rocks Crowds


Storagepipe has recently introduced their latest viral video infographic at a number of major IT events — including IBM Pulse 2013 in Las Vegas — receiving overwhelmingly positive reactions from attendees at these conferences.

And due to popular demand, this exclusive video has now been made publicly available online.

Storagepipe’s new video infographic, titled “Next-Generation IT Management and Data Protection Challenges.”, covers many of the new emerging business challenges which are affecting the role of IT. These include things such as Big Data, BYOD, Machine-to-Machine, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, 24-7 Business and more.

The video can be viewed at the following URL:

This latest video follows other Storagepipe infographics which have achieved viral success across blogs, industry media and social networking sites. Most notably, Storagepipe’s comedy rap video “Ram in the Boot Sector” was viewed over 20,000 times within just the first few weeks.

Storagepipe also produces educational videos. “Grandfather, Father, Son (GFS) vs. Progressive (Incremental Forever) Backup Paradigms” is considered by many within the tech space to be one of the best and most authoritative resources for understanding the difference between conventional and modern backup methodologies.

Founded in 2001, Storagepipe has been a pioneer and constant innovator in the areas of data protection and business continuity. Solutions offered by Storagepipe include online backup, archiving, high-availability, disaster recovery, compliance and more.

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