Natural Disasters in Canada


Many Canadian businesses are reeling from Mother Nature’s latest curveball. This year we’ve seen severe wind storms and heavy flooding in several parts of the country. It’s clear, Canada’s weather patterns are evolving and severe weather is occurring more frequently. In fact, The Insurance Bureau of Canada reported a record $4.9 billion in insured damage from natural disasters in Canada in 2016 – shattering the 2013 record of $3.2 billion.   

Your organization’s character is tested in times of crisis. But after business returns to “as usual” organizations are faced with asking critical questions about their business operations. Questions like: 

  • Do you have a business continuity plan?
  • How long can you function competitively?
  • If you are forced to slow down production, how much revenue will you lose?  
  • Will your clients remain loyal or be forced to work with someone else?  

At Storagepipe, we understand the anxiety and stress that comes with losing your data to a natural disaster in Canada or any other part of the world. Our services provide you with piece of mind that your data is safe and secure – no matter your location. Storagepipe’s affordable Disaster Recovery as a Service leverages cloud-based resources and off-site storage to match your business’ unique needs. Don’t let a disaster disrupt your business operations. We can help you get back online in minutes.  

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