How Netflix Thrives In Chaos


In September of 2015, Amazon experienced a major downtime incident that knocked out availability at many leading cloud services, including Amazon’s own Echo smart speaker.

Of all the companies affected by this breach, none seem to have fared better than Netflix. Despite the major disruption that knocked out more than 20 critical AWS services, Netflix were quickly able t restore full streaming video services to the 50 million homes that depend on the service.

When asked, Netflix attributed this amazing feat to what they describe as “Chaos Engineering”. Netflix has developed a software solution called Simian Army, which acts as a benevolent malware which perpetually lives within the company.

This suite of tools is constantly triggering events such as:

  • Randomly disabling production servers
  • Introducing latency into client-server communications
  • Simulating outages of entire AWS data centers

As the name would suggest, it’s like letting a pack of rabid monkeys loose in your datacenter.

For most AWS clients, the outage was a major disruption. But for Netflix, this was just another routine battle against the Simian Army.

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