New Android and iPhone App


Storagepipe’s New Android and iPhone App is Here!

Here at Storagepipe, we’ve been hard at work looking for new ways to help make your business continuity planning simpler and more effective.

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of business owners expressing concern over their emergency backup recovery speeds. In response to this, we’ve designed a handy application — for Android and iPhone devices — that can help you gain more insight into how unplanned downtime would affect your business.

The Storagepipe Downtime Cost Calculator is a simple-to-use tool that can give you more insight into how every second of unplanned downtime can affect both productivity and revenue at your organization. This is perfect for IT budgeting and disaster recovery drills.

No IT professional or business owner should be without it. Download the Storagepipe Downtime Cost Calculator today for free!

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