New Brand for iSeries, AIX And Other IBM Systems


Storagepipe has recently attracted a lot of media attentions from publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Silo Breaker, Virtual Strategy Magazine, Digital Journal and other outlets.

This news follows a recent announcement that Storagepipe is introducing a new online backup brand specifically for IBM administrators who want specialized experience, expertise, services for Power Systems backup.

Storagepipe understands that clients who prefer IBM servers do so because of the low maintenance requirements, high resiliency and better overall TCO that comes from having an integrated IT environment. Because of this, Storagepipe’s online backup — based on IBM TSM technology — provides users the reliability, efficiency and resiliency that they’ve come to expect from these systems.

Storagepipe’s IBM-focused online backup services offer a number of benefits for POWER users:

  • Fully-automated backup with integrated archiving: Free up IT time by automating manual processes
  • Proven solutions: Integrated services and infrastructure to support the many IBM platforms and applications
  • IBM Experts: Expert technical assistance with years of IBM experience, up-to-date IBM training, and IBM certifications to ensure maximum emergency responsiveness

According to Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin:

“Storagepipe has an excellent reputation amongst IBM users, and we’re proud to meet the specific requirements of these clients using IBM-based technologies that complement IBM’s fully-integrated systems approach. We selectively hire and retain only the best technical talent for our support and development teams, with a special focus on those with a strong background in IBM platforms. We also invest heavily in training to ensure that our team is up-to-date with the latest skills to ensure rapid and complete customer support in cases of disaster.”

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