New Online Backup For Sharepoint


New Online Backup with SharePoint-Specific interface, granularity and advanced policy management features.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) November 20, 2009 – On November 23 2009, Storagepipe Solutions will officially release the latest update of their SharePoint Online Backup solution. This new release offers more power and control to SharePoint administrators who want to back up their systems to “the cloud”.

According to Steven Rodin, Storagepipe president: “In our discussions with the SharePoint community, administrators told us that they loved the convenience and security of online backup. We were told that they would gladly switch, if only there was a solution that offered complete platform protection, low level granularity, and an easy-to-use toolset for managing backup policies.”

  • An integrated backup plan builder
  • A tree view of the entire SharePoint environment
  • A discovery dashboard that provides an overview of your system
  • Ability to restore at the platform and item level, with versioning
  • An integrated restore timeline view that shows all available recovery points

The SharePoint Online Backup from Storagepipe can protect any component within a SharePoint farm. This includes InfoPath forms & services, Project Server, IIS, Index database, and other systems. The solution also provides SharePoint administrators with the ability to specify policies for individual items such as contacts, events, lists, or almost any other logical class of data.

This latest release from Storagepipe demonstrates that online backup is, in fact, robust enough to meet demands of larger organizations with complex IT environments.

“Too many companies will split up their backup systems… with laptops and desktops online… and major servers to tape. Although much of the press around online backup software has been focused on laptops and desktops, a large portion of our customer base relies on us to protect servers, databases, email systems and mission-critical applications that need to run 24/7. If you pick the right provider, you can securely automate all of your corporate data protection and have it all managed through a single source.” says Rodin.

In addition to SharePoint Online Backup, Storagepipe Solutions also provides backup and high availability solutions with support for SQL, Oracle, Exchange and many others enterprise systems. Companies interested in automating their SharePoint backups through Storagepipe can visit in order to arrange a product demonstration.

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