Storagepipe Releases New Online Backup Videos


Here at Storagepipe, we’ve been busy updating our fast-growing YouTube channel over recent months. Our YouTube channel is one of the leading online educational resources for anyone interested in learning about the data protection or disaster recovery field.

5 of the most notable recent additions have included:

The 3 Main Motives That Threaten Your Data

Before IT admins can protect user data, they should first get an understanding of what they’re protecting it from. This video lists and analyzes some of the leading motives that would encourage an external entity to cause harm to critical or private data.

Grandfather, Father, Son (GFS) vs. Progressive (Incremental Forever) Backup Paradigm

The Incremental Forever or Progressive Paradigm backup paradigm is one of the most important technological shifts that have taken place in the data protection industry within recent years. However — until recently — it’s been difficult to find a clear, simple explanation of the Progressive Paradigm. This video has been very successful since its release, and contains some important points that everyone should understand before creating their backup plan.

The Essential Pillars of Data Protection

This video introduces viewers to a new way of evaluating the effectiveness of their data protection. The 3 pillars outlined in this webinar form the foundation of any sturdy data protection plan. If just one of these pillars is missing, the whole data protection plan falls to pieces.

Why Versioned Backups Are Important

Despite the abundance of powerful, cost-effective, automated backup services, it’s still incredibly common for people and organizations to exclusively back up their data by simple replication to a secondary storage device. With simple replication, only a single historical version of the data is kept. On the other hand, point-in-time backups store multiple historical versions of data which can be rolled back in an emergency. This video examines the benefits and drawbacks of both approaches.

Why Test Backups

Despite the fact that nearly every company backs up regularly, critical data loss is still a common occurrence. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that few organizations regularly test their backups, and this can bring up a wide range of dangerous threats and potential data loss accidents. This video goes into detail about the importance of testing your backup process.

Aside from these educational videos, Storagepipe has also gained a following after the success of our comedy viral video “RAM In The Boot Sector”.

Storagepipe Solutions has been providing premium online backup services since 2001. Our services support a wide range of platforms, applications and operating systems… including Exchange, Oracle, iSeries, Linux, SQL and many others.

In recent years, we’ve gained attention due to our highly successful Storagepipe Fastback DR online backup service. Fastback DR is a powerful online backup service for Windows servers which offers a number of specialized features for Exchange and SQL. Another notable feature would be Fastback’s ability to perform extremely fast bare metal recovery to virtual machines or dissimilar hardware.

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