Storagepipe Announces New Veeam Cloud Provider Partnership


Storagepipe has added to its off-site backup services portfolio to include a hybrid solution with Veeam software. Through an exciting new partnership with Veeam, Storagepipe can now provide customers and partners with an even more complete set of off-site backup services and solutions for the protection of virtualized environments.

Since 2001, Storagepipe has been trusted by organizations when it comes to protecting complex & heterogeneous IT environments. Storagepipe has long been known for having some of the broadest system support in the managed backup industry, with support for over 60 different operating systems, and nearly all major databases & enterprise applications.

Storagepipe is also recognized for their broad suite of on-demand data protection and disaster recovery offerings, including everything from Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to remote failover and temporary “hot site” emergency staging facilities.

But, as a forward-looking technology leader, Storagepipe is also focused on addressing emerging next-generation backup challenges. That’s why they’ve teamed up as a Veeam Cloud Provider pin order to strengthen their spectrum of services for virtual machines, making Storagepipe one of the most comprehensive service providers for data protection and disaster recovery of virtualized systems.
Storagepipe has supported virtual systems for many years, and this Veeam partnership provides an even more robust toolkit with some exciting new options for VM administrators.

This new turn-key offering allows IT administrators to quickly and cost-effectively implement Veeam backup into their virtualized environment without incurring hardware or licensing costs. Storagepipe’s unique hybrid approach — backed by their Veeam Cloud Provider partnership — delivers industry-leading backup as a hybrid solution which includes hardware, software, off-site cloud, support, remote monitoring and more.

These services are made available to Storagepipe customers without any hardware, licensing or management costs that would normally be incurred with an in-house, self-managed implementation.

For Veeam customers who prefer the cloud, Storagepipe offers the ability to protect all of their Veeam backup targets through the same cloud provider as their physical servers and endpoint systems.

Veeam customers also have the option of backing up to specific cloud datacenters based on individual requirements. For example:

Canadian customers can back up to Storagepipe’s Canadian cloud for privacy and compliance Oil & Gas and Energy industry customers can use Storagepipe’s Texas based energy industry cloud, which is connected directly to a major industry interconnect

According to Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin:

“The award-winning features and functionality delivered with Veeam are an excellent fit for our existing solutions portfolio, enabling us to offer complete data protection and business continuity for virtualized environments. And the fact that these services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, from a single provider, makes it incredibly convenient and economical for small businesses or larger organizations who want flexibility with tight IT budgets.”

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