New Videos for Ediscovery Preparedness


It’s an old cliché that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But the problem has always been that “last minute cures” are always easier to sell than “preventative maintenance”. This applies as much to people, as it does to organizations.

Whenever a client’s is caught unprepared by a discovery request, it’s usually not by surprise. They have usually known for a long time that a plan needed to be implemented, but they never got around to it because it never seemed like a priority. Of course, being caught unprepared increases the cost of litigation and the possibility that the client might not find required documents in time.

That’s why Storagepipe Solutions has put together a series of videos that explain the benefits of e-mail archiving in simple terms that demonstrate the urgency of implementing this type of solution.

The first video tells the story of a woman named Claire, who is overwhelmed by the workload required to keep her e-mail system running efficiently. This video is designed to show the immediate benefits of implementing an email archiving solution.

The second video tells the story of a man named Ben, who has been sued and is now forced to sort through years of historical emails in order to win his case. The story illustrates the cost savings that can be obtained by having historical emails properly organized in such a way that they can be quickly searched and retrieved at a moment’s notice.

Together, these two videos highlight the importance of e-mail archiving in simple, visual terms that can easily be understood by nontechnical business people and decision makers.

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