2017 is finally here. And what a crazy year it has been!

I think we can all agree that – from an IT security perspective – 2016 has been an incredibly interesting year.

We’ve seen ransomware wreak havoc on the business world, causing billions of dollars in damages. A hacked email server was a major factor in the outcome of the US elections, and cyber-warfare has become a hot issue.

We saw the largest ever DDoS attack, which exploited Internet-connected security cameras and other IoT devices.

From looking at these and other major recent events, it’s clear that the Automation Paradox has been the central theme that links these, and other top news stories of 2016. The Automation Paradox states that “as automated systems become more powerful and easier to use, the role of the human operator becomes more important”.

  • If companies had enforced mandatory point-in-time backups across ALL of their systems, and had these been managed through some well-trained centralized authority, then ransomware attacks would have been little more than a nuisance.
  • If classified emails had been kept on legally-mandated secure government servers – with audit trails, monitoring and regular compliance auditing – then the Democratic Party email hacks might have never occurred.
  • If manufacturers of internet-enabled appliances – such as cameras, watches, NAS devices, and other consumer products — provided better monitoring, updates and support plans as part of their purchase agreements, then these major DDoS attacks could’ve been quickly averted.

Because of this, Storagepipe would like to propose a new year’s resolution:

For 2017, assign dedicated resources that exclusively look after IT Security and Data Protection. And if you don’t have these capabilities in-house, look for qualified and experienced external partners that you can trust.

Don’t be a DIY disaster.

If 2016 was the best year for cybercriminals, let’s make sure that 2017 is their worst.

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