Interview Highlight – Offsite Backup and DR for IBM i, iSeries, AS/400 (IBM Power Systems)


This clip is from a recent interview with Storagepipe CEO Steven Rodin, about Storagepipe’s backup, disaster recovery and high availability services for IBM i, AS/400 and iSeries platforms. (IBM Power Systems)

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Can you give me, I guess, a scenario of where you ran into an account that… a customer… was using TSM and had physical tape, and you guys had an opportunity to kind of go in and do an assessment and also take on new business and kind of bring them to your own online services?


Sure. Yeah, we’ve had a number of customers come to us recently around our iSeries — AS/400 solutions as well in this area where they’re really trying to get off of using tape for their iSeries or pSeries platforms as well as for other systems.

And so we’ve enabled a number of customers to move away from physical backup with tape on those platforms to a purely online solution. And we have a proprietary solution for backing up iSeries and AS/400 product and those systems. And so we have an appliance that goes onsite. We have all the data backed up there. We have it replicated off site for disaster recovery. And in combination with that solution we also offer warm site and disaster recovery failover for that system.

And they’ve then used our Virtualization backup solutions in combination with our IBM or AS/400 solutions to give them complete coverage of their entire enterprise environment.


Okay. Nice. So you have an appliance. So do you seed that appliance? You send it locally to that customer’s site and then you actually seed the data and then maybe ship it back? Is that how that works?


The appliance is really — it’s a standard server that we put on site. And that acts as a local repository for the customer to have a local recovery option. So the data moves from their primary system onto that appliance; onto that server in their own environment so they can recover locally at land speed should they have a need for that.

And then that appliance then replicates the data off site to our data centers. We don’t typically require a seeding because it’s very efficient in terms of the initial backup, but that can be an option for customers that want it. And we have enabled that at times.

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