Interview Highlight – Online Backup for iOS and Android


This clip is from an interview with Storagepipe’s Steven Rodin, about Storagepipe’s online backup service for Android and iOS devices. Storagepipe customers can protect their tablets and smartphones in the cloud, and this service can also be white-labelled for partners and re-sellers.

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Okay. Awesome. So are you able to capture data from smartphones and tablets as well?


We do. This is one of our proprietary solutions. That is our Storagepipe online backup — our own software, where we have applications for both iOS and Android. So we can back up both of those platforms… back up data, off of those systems… but also enable those systems to browse information that has been synchronized with our cloud storage. So you can get access to your data that you’ve synchronized from your PC, and you can access that through your mobile phone or through your tablet, using our software or using any website as well.




So you can use it. It’s got a web capability. It has a self-service web portal, so that you can access the data through that web portal as well.

Interview Highlight

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