Online Online Data Protection Suite With Support For Windows 7


In-line with the much-anticipated release of Windows 7, Storagepipe Solutions has announced that their suite of online data protection services is fully compatible with the new operating system from Microsoft, and that users can expect a smooth transition with optimal software compatibility.

On October 21, the company officially announced that their latest software updates have been adapted and thoroughly tested for compatibility with Windows 7. This upgrade not only applies to Storagepipe’s direct customers, but also to their online backup business partners and resellers.

According to Steven Rodin, Company President: “We’ve been testing for a long time, so we were pretty confident that we’d be ready well before the release date. When new product releases like this come out, corporate IT managers can sometimes get concerned. And they need to ensure that their data protection system can adapt to this sort of change. I think users will be pleased by how smoothly our services complement this new operating system.”

In addition to Windows, Storagepipe also offers some of the widest cross-platform support in the data protection industry. This includes systems such as Linux, Mac, iSeries, and more…

Storagepipe Solutions has been providing online data protection services since 2001. Their portfolio includes online backup & data archiving for data protection, email archiving for compliance & server performance, online file storage and collaboration, server replication & fail-over, and other business continuity services.

New Windows 7 users can arrange a product demonstration of Storagepipe’s data protection service by visiting

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