Partner Program Delivers Service Providers and Resellers Powerful Online Backup and Offsite Storage Solutions


Toronto, ON — October 11, 2007 — Storagepipe Solutions, ( launched its partner program to broaden the reach of the company’s strong solutions in online data backup, remote storage and data recovery. The program, designed specifically for the company’s partners to deliver data protection to their customers, focuses on key data protection activities such as backup, archive, recovery, and business continuity. It also supports the industry’s largest variety of platforms, operating systems, and applications with modules for email, databases, application servers and enterprise resource planning.

The program allows Storagepipe’s partners to: accelerate growth and customer loyalty; drive revenue and profitability; as well as manage their customers’ storage and backup needs individually using Storagepipe’s service provider portal.

Companies joining Storagepipe’s partner program will offer their customers leading data protection technology with secure, reliable and easy backup and restores, all with comprehensive policy and regulatory compliance.  Storagepipe gives its partners the highest levels of flexibility and control to fit their business model and their customers’ requirements.

As a member of the program, service providers and resellers are able to:

  • Offer their own branded online backup service, helping increase customer loyalty
  • Add value for their existing customers through an easy to use subscription service
  • Increase margins and create strong customer relationships with this Software as a Service (SaaS) offering
  • Deliver remote data backup and recovery services to their consumer and business customers with desktop, laptop and server support.
  • Support expanding subscriber bases with a comprehensive customer management portal
  • Provide Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and proven off-site data recovery capabilities without costly investments
  • Control their own pricing, branding and service bundling

“By developing powerful, integrated solutions, Storagepipe has created a five year successful track record in the space,” said Steven Rodin, Chief Executive Officer, Storagepipe Solutions. “Our service provider platform delivers a turnkey online backup and recovery solution with far more value than comparable offerings.  Service providers and resellers are able to attract customers of all sizes who appreciate the quality and value provided by Storagepipe.”

Storagepipe also provides its partners with the sales and technical training, marketing assistance and lead generation as well as the pricing models for success. Four levels of membership in the Storagepipe Partner Program offer different benefits to forward thinking service providers and resellers.

About Storagepipe

Storagepipe Solutions provides world-class corporate data protection solutions including online backup and recovery, email and data archiving and business continuity.   Storagepipe allows small, medium and large businesses to decrease operations costs and complexity, optimize IT resources, reduce risks and liabilities, and protect more data more efficiently and reliability.  Storagepipe combines extensive industry experience with the best technology solution to exceed customer expectations and deliver the most comprehensive, secure and turn-key online backup, archiving and business continuity services.  Additional information about Storagepipe Solutions can be found at or by calling 416.657.2200.</p>

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