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TORONTO, ON — August 19, 2008 — Storagepipe Solutions, ( today announced Levine Financial Group ( has implemented its online backup and remote storage solution to manage its data protection across their company. Levine Financial Group has been providing insurance and wealth management services to medical and business professionals since 1967. The company is proud of its reputation for protecting the wealth and financial futures of its clients. They provide highly responsive service with value-based mandates that focus on cost, quality and benefits for numerous medical associations and hospitals throughout Ontario.

Because of the sensitive information handled by the Levine Financial Group, data integrity and client confidentiality are of paramount importance. As a Premier IBM Business Partner, Storagepipe is responsible for protecting the company’s data and business-critical applications via regularly scheduled system backups.

To ensure compliance with its internal policies, Levine Financial Group required a solution that could easily back-up data from its application servers. After implementing Storagepipe’s online backup service, all the company’s data is now centrally backed up and may be quickly recovered to any computer at any time without compromising security.

One of the key benefits of Storagepipe’s industry-leading solution is that it removes responsibility of data backup from Levine Financial Group’s IT staff, enabling them to focus on internal projects and tasks requiring in-house execution and management. In addition, Levine Financial no longer needs to be concerned with costly maintenance and rotation of tape backups, but rather relies on Storagepipe’s state-of -the-art backup systems and facilities.

“In selecting Storagepipe’s solution, we required a firm who thoroughly understood offsite data backup and recovery,” said Elliott Levine, Director, Levine Financial. “We are dealing with mission critical data for our clients, who not only trust us with our wealth management strategies, but who also expect us to be very proactive about our data management and security processes. After significantly researching offsite data recovery providers, we know Storagepipe is the right choice.”

With Storagepipe Solutions, backup administration is now automated, requiring significantly less time than before. Restores are nearly instantaneous, resulting in faster recovery times for the company. And all data is centrally protected offsite at multiple secure locations, ensuring business continuity in case of disaster.

“We’re excited to be providing our services to Levine Financial. We understand the enterprise and its demands for only the best and most secure backup and recovery solutions,” says Steven Rodin, President, Storagepipe. “With growing importance of business data and the critical process that it supports, Levine Financial realizes the value of our partnership.”

About Storagepipe Solutions Storagepipe Solutions provides world-class corporate data protection solutions including online backup and recovery, data and email archiving and business continuity. Storagepipe allows businesses of all sizes to decrease operations costs and complexity, optimize IT resources, reduce risks and liabilities, and protect more data more efficiently and reliability. Storagepipe combines extensive industry experience with the best technology solutions to exceed customer expectations and deliver the most comprehensive, secure and turn-key online backup and recovery and business continuity services. Additional information about Storagepipe Solutions can be found at

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