Rapid Recovery Linux Deduplication


In response to the recent success of their Rapid Recovery offering, Storagepipe Solutions (https://storagepipe.com) has issued several important new updates that allow support for Linux systems and data deduplication for minimized storage costs and improved recovery speeds.

In December, Storagepipe Solutions had announced that they were about to begin offering a new cost-effective service that would allow IT administrators to dramatically improve recovery times for their Windows servers.

According to Steven Rodin, company president: “If you look back 9 years ago, when we were helping to pioneer what has now become the online data protection industry, companies were mainly concerned with automation and reducing backup windows. A lot has changed since then, and now IT administrators are increasingly telling us that recovery times are their biggest concerns.”

As one of the few online backup providers with Linux support, Storagepipe reaffirmed their commitment to Linux administrators by incorporating this operating system within their latest Rapid Recovery data protection offering.

The demand for this new service was primarily driven by several growing business trends:

  • The rising tangible and intangible costs of downtime
  • Exponential data growth, thanks to faster transfer speeds and cheaper storage
  • Businesses operating out of many remote locations, often without on-site IT staff
  • Companies operating in 24/7 business environments

“In our experience, Linux customers have very high standards when it comes to their data protection. And I think they’ll be especially thrilled by the ease-of-use and functionality of this new service.” says Steven.

And in an interesting turn of events, Stroagepipe has also announced the addition of data deduplication capability to their Rapid Recovery service. Not only will this further improve recovery times and reduce storage costs for Windows users, but this feature will also be made available to Linux customers — effective immediately.

Now Linux administrators can enjoy all of benefits of Storagepipe’s Linux Online Backup, with the additional benefit of being able to restore their servers within minutes, eliminating downtime in a cost-effective manner.

Amongst some of the other premium data protection solutions offered by Storagepipe are: Online Backup, Email Archiving, ediscovery, Business Continuity and Data Archiving.

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