James Bond Skyfall Film Addresses Real-World Data Security Issues


As long-recognized leaders in the data protection space, Storagepipe is often asked to provide insight into emerging technology trends for major IT publications.

Since the new James Bond movie Skyfall is coming to theaters, the people at SC Magazine gave us the opportunity to share our thoughts on some of the information security issues which are portrayed in the film.

The movie’s plot centers around a data breach resulting from the loss of a laptop hard drive. In our experience, this is one of the most common ways that organizations experience severe instances of critical data loss.

For a fun look at the Skyfall plot from an IT security and business continuity perspective, I’d encourage you to read our latest thought leadership piece in SC Magazine.

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P.S. Just like Oshawa Ontario’s “Camp X” — the real life inspiration for the James Bond series — Storagepipe is 100% Canadian.

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